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In perfect 23 degrees weather Claude and Margaret P led other walkers Sue B, Jim, Lawrie, Ray, Dawn, Helen A, Mary, Robyn, Rex, Pat P & Annette.

This was a very enjoyable and challenging route with lots of variety with bush tracks, creek crossings, interesting street walks, and great harbour views at Folly Point, Quakers Hat and Beauty Point.

Early in the walk we were treated to the poem "The Glass on the Bar" read by Robyn at “Henry Lawson’s cave”, followed up by a short anecdote from the past by Jim relating to Henry Lawson.

Prior to reaching the Long Gully Bridge Margaret read a short history of the Bridge.

In Cowdroy Avenue we noted the Hydrographic House which uses massive ship anchors to form part of its front fence.

Morning tea was somewhere in the bush near the creek and lunch was on the foreshore at a point before reaching Quakers Hat. Due to an expected crowd for a sailing regatta, coffee time was a nice upgrade to a balcony table at the “The Sandbar”, at the Spit, with a lovely view of the boats on the water.

Claude gives a briefing at the start of the walk, seemingly to an attentive audience. However, a short while later, some point obviously needs emphasis.

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Lucky that by the time the walkers reach Hallstrom Reserve they are observing protocol, walking on the left, and avoiding being run down.
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At  the Henry Lawson Cave Robyn M reads 'The Glass on the Bar' and Jim relates an anecdote about the poet.

2015 10 30-Reg-HelenA IMG 1220a2015 10 30-Reg-HelenA IMG 1221a

                                                                              Twelve of the thirteen crossing a creek in Flat Rock Gully.
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After leaving Tunks Park we walked through some streets in Cammeray. Sydney 'Real Estate' was on show.
2015 10 30 Reg HelenA IMG 1251a2015 10 30 Reg HelenA IMG 1243a2015 10 30 Reg HelenA IMG 1258a

Some enjoyed morning tea in Folly Park, whilst some went down to the water's edge
2015 10 30 Reg HelenA IMG 1253a2015 10 30 Reg HelenA IMG 1252a
The Hydrographic House used anchors and other marine paraphenalia to what, without the cover of ivy, would have been startling.
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Sydney in November2015 10 30 Reg MargP IMG 0085a

Sydney's 'other' Long Bay has boats, and the Quakers Hat
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More Sydney Real Estate at the Middle Harbour Yacht Club, and HVBers survey this scene from the balcony of "The Sandbar". (Hint: Order a flat white.)2015 10 30 Reg MargP IMG 0092a2015 10 30 Reg MargP IMG 0094a

Words by Margaret P. Photos by Margaret P (1, 7, 15-19 and Helen A (2-6, 8-14).