'We may have been small in number for today’s walk, but we made up for it in enthusiasm. It was rather warm and humid, so we were pleased to be finished before the storm hit. A very enjoyable walk around.' (The bulk of HVB walkers on the day were in Kiama as part of the Walking Weekend Away.)

Anne G behind the camera for this shot
2015 11 06 All WendyC1a

No sign of the approaching storm2015 11 06 All WendyC2a

Impossible to guess what was in use within these stone walls2015 11 06 All WendyC3a













2015 11 06 All WendyC4a
The starting blocks for lanes 2 and 1 give our answer?

Anne G and Rosemary Walker led Wendy C and Wendy P.
Words and photos 2-4 by Wendy C.