Bert led around two score others from Minnamurra Station to coffee shops in Kiama. On the ground a wonderful variety of coastal scenery and from the heavens a magnificent storm. With uncanny, aye scary, timing, Bert arrived at literally the only cover on the whole walk as the first drops were falling. The walkers stayed under the small shelter and in the toilets until the rain ceased.

'HVB "in clover"! Heading up Minnamurra Headland from the railway station for morning tea.' And the view of the river laid out below.
2015 11 06 WWA Plus SueS IMG 1784a2015 11 06 WWA Plus De DSCN1894a
Some chose to face out to sea, after taking a little time to finish off conversations and generally settle.
2015 11 06 WWA Plus Susan P1280565a

'Sea mist surrounds Cathedral Rocks' and 'A drink stop at the historic Boneyard'. (By this time Bert must have been watching the sky.)
2015 11 06 WWA Plus SueS IMG 1788a2015 11 06 WWA Plus SueS IMG 1790a
'The group on Bombo Point' with typical walls of rock to the left.
2015 11 06 WWA Plus DonW group on bombo pointa
2015 11 06 WWA Plus Susan P1280581a

A view of the balsalt columns, and huge area that is the old quarry.





Lunch was "pull up a rock" on the headland. At this time Kas was using an umbrella as protection from the sun. (Yes, there are shadows.)
2015 11 06 WWA Plus RosG IMG 4814aa

Bert has called an end to lunch, and the walkers moved quite swiftly to the picnic area at the Northern end of Bombo Beach.
2015 11 06 WWA Plus DonW storm over kiamaaThe storm having moved on, the walkers exit from the Southern end of Bombo Beach. Given what was to come two days later, the search for the driest route across the Spring Creek inlet was somewhat precious.
2015 11 06 WWA Plus SueS IMG 1802b

Photos by Sue S(1,2,4,5,10), De(2), Susan(3,7), Don W(6,9) and Ros(8).