2015 11 08 WWA All Susan P1280802a

Five people: David E, Maurice, John G, Rhondda and Bill brought their 4 wheel drives to Lake Tabourie. These cars were used for the Pigeon House Mountain walk and for the final few kilometres into track head for this walk.
There was spectacular scenery on the tarmac road used by all cars.

In his leader's briefing at the start of the walk Bert explained that the track would be very wet and that the forecast was for rain. His audience decided to give it a go.
2015 11 08 WWA All RosG IMG 4898aa
Wet tracks have attractions: 'Reflections of walkers caught skirting the puddles to keep dry.'
2015 11 08 WWA All SueS IMG 1893a

Eyes down and watch the track is the rule.....                                     .....  But even then, in the mud, things can go wrong. (The Tea Tree survives.)2015 11 08 WWA All De DSCN1988a2015 11 08 WWA All Susan P1280767a

On view during this walk was a wonderful, memorable, display of flowers.
First the 'Rain soaked Fringed Myrtle Calytrix tetragona'                and secondly the 'Flying Duck Orchid Caleana major' which resembles a duck in flight
2015 11 08 WWA All SueS IMG 1899a2015 11 08 WWA All SueS IMG 1912a

Also the Round Leaf Tea-tree Leptospermum rotundifolium and                                                  the Broad-leaf Drumsticks Isopogon anemonifolius
2015 11 08-WWA-All-De-DSCN1979a2015 11 08-WWA-All-De-DSCN1983a

But, Monet has done nothing to compare to this masterpiece from the Australian bush: Fairy Aprons, purple Bladderwort Utricularia dichotoma2015 11 08 WWA All SueS IMG 1920aBy the time the mountain's veiwing platform was reached the mist and rain were in control. 2015 11 08 WWA All De DZa

The group settled for morning tea.2015 11 08 WWA All RosG IMG 4915a
Diners in the rain were      ....1....happy,                    ...2... not quite decided (but with wet feet) and                  ....3... unhappy.
2015 11 08 WWA All DonW it was rainingb2015 11 08 WWA All DonW more cheerful dinersa2015 11 08 WWA All DonW unhappy dinersb

Some pics of the track: The rocky stones and the wooden stepping stones were all slippery but no-one came to grief.
2015 11 08 WWA All De DSCN1999a2015 11 08 WWA All DonWa
2015 11 08 WWA All SueS IMG 1916a
There is an HVB story from another walk. Lawrie and Kas were climbing out of a valley at the end of a  long day. The weather was either very hot, or very wet, or something very trying.

Lawrie has bushwalked all his life. Kas, a nurse in a hospital nursery for new-borns, enjoys her Fridays off.
The conversation between the two went like this:

Lawrie: 'Are you working tonight?'
Kas: 'Yes.'
Lawrie: 'Well. What I want you to do is select 3 babies, take them out of their cribs, and drop them repeatedly on their heads.'
Kas (appalled): 'What will happen to them if I do that?'
Lawrie: 'They'll grow up to be bushwalkers.'

Photos by Susan (1,5), Ros G (2, 12), Sue S (3,6,7,10,18), Deidre (4,8,9,11,16), Don W (13-15, 17).