thumb 2015 11 07 WWA BBQ De DSCN1978Mary G organized a Walking Weekend Away for 38 people, HVB members and their guests, at the Lake Tabourie Tourist Park 11km South of Ulladulla. Before the weekend, Mary made three three day trips to the Park. Dawn, Bert, Susan and Maurice each helped out on a trip. Included in Mary's to-do arrangements were cabin allocation amongst 13 cabins, organizing payment schedules between the Park and the walkers, recce-ing 5 walks (2 with 4 wheel drive transport), bus transport and a meal at the Ulladulla ex-Servo and a BBQ at the Tourist Park. 

Follows a few scenes from the 'leisure' part of the WWA.
A view of some of the cabins from the waterfront.2015 11 07 WWA Leisure De DSCN1921a

The view from the cabins of the 'island', sea and lake.2015 11 07 WWA Leisure AnneR P1210133a

Lake's entrance, with the lakeside 'sand mountain' a challenging course for the junior set.

2015 11 07 WWA Leisure AnneR P1210122a
Given the weather conditions and the sea temperature, the senior set met a greater challenge in the surf. Susan, Barbara, Maurice and Ros G did swim; there were witnesses.

2015 11 07 WWA Leisure AnneR P1210138a


























In the wet and cold conditions, and there being no campers, on the evening of 07 November, the HVB 'mob' used the Campers' Hall for a BBQ.

2015 11 07 WWA Leisure AnneR P1210190a2015 11 07 WWA Leisure AnneR P1210194a

After the dishes had been cleared, Bert presented Mary with a card expressing the gratitude of all present. In turn, Mary thanked Bert for being a solid hard-working sounding board.
2015 11 07 WWA BBQ De DSCN1978a

Photos by Deidre (Thumbnail, 1, 7) and Anne R (2-6).