In perfect conditions ten HVB members walked from Christison Park to fish and chips at Watsons Bay.

At morning tea leader Lyn gives a briefing.

2015 11 13 Soc Ray DSCN4467a

South Head Signal Station plaques two days after 11th November
2015 11 13 Soc Ray DSCN4471b
2015 11 13 Soc Ray DSCN4473a

And the Harbour was magnificent ....
2015 11 13 Soc Ray DSCN4481a       .... As also was the sea view2015 11 13 Soc Ray DSCN4482a

Some familiar faces on the path
2015 11 13 Soc Ray DSCN4485a

                                                          so a group photo of the HVB Regulars and Socials was called for
2015 11 13 Soc Ray DSCN4487aOn behalf of all the Social walkers Liz presented a card to Lyn, thanking her for her leadership this walking season.
2015 11 13 Soc Ray DSCN4492bFor the record: Lyn led Dorothy, Kath, Elaine G, Elizabeth, Liz, Pam, Chris W, Norma and Ray.

Details taken from Ray's report. Photos by Ray.