Jul-Dec 2016

A warm, bright spring morning saw 11 keen walkers assemble at Mt Colah station to take a short street walk to the park entrance and the start of the Kalkari track. The many orchids along this track generated much interest, and took us to morning tea at the Kalkari Visitor Centre. The next section, along the Birrawanna Track, was a bit rougher, finishing with stairs down to Bobbin Head. From there, we followed the track over the headland and down to Apple Tree Bay where lunch was taken while watching some would-be sailors trying to raise the mast on their trimaran . We left them to it and set off along the waters edge before heading up Kuring-gai. The wild flowers on this section of track were spectacular. We paused to reflect at the Firefighters Rest before the finally reaching the end of the track at Mt Kuring-gai station. Coffee at Mt Kuring-gai shops rounded out the day before the train trip home.
Many thanks to Clive for stepping in as co-leader and to Don for tail-ending.

                                                Nine keen walkers at morning tea in the Kalkari Visitor Centre.2016 09 09 Plus WendyC 3a

On the Birrawanna Track Clive rearranges some rocks, whilst Anne R, Anne G and Jill sedately descend.
2016 09 09 Plus WendyC 5a2016 09 09 Plus WendyC 6a

                                                                                Is there are better place anywhere to have a chat?

2016 09 09 Plus WendyC 7a

Seen around Apple Tree Bay: Some of the more humble marine real estate and a land-bound local
2016 09 09 Plus WendyC 8a2016 09 09 Plus WendyC 9a

                                                                   On Mt Ku-ring-gai:  What is the superlative for 'abundant'?2016 09 09 Plus WendyC 10a                                                                                  And, after the delicate, the massive.2016 09 09 Plus WendyC 12a
Some of the wildflowers: We are going to have to do better than 'Jill Told Us The Name' (left) and 'Might need to be the question of the week - no one could identify it' (right).
2016 09 09 Plus AnneR P1050429 Copya2016 09 09 Plus AnneR P1050431 Copya
Dotted Sun Orchid Thelymitra ixioides (left) and another 'Jill Told Us The Name' (right)
2016 09 09 Plus AnneR P1050436 Copya2016 09 09 Plus AnneR P1050451 Copya

For the record: Wendy C and Clive led and  Nick, Chris B, Elaine E, Anne G, Ros G, Pragati, Anne R, Jill and tail-end Charlie Don B.

Words: Wendy C; photos Wendy C(1-8), Anne R(9-12).


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