Jul-Dec 2016

18 starters, including two visitors, for the regular walk from Huntleys Point to Meadowbank. Weather fine and warm with an overhang of haze and smoke from some burning off.
An interesting walk, often thought longer than the 10 km specified. Mostly through parks and streets, so mainly walking on sealed surfaces. A few steps and inclines but basically a flat walk through parts of historic interest.
Silky oaks were in flower and our progress was observed by a Tawny Frogmouth perched in a tree near Looking Glass Bay. We reciprocated and settled for the odd photo.
A good walk but late starting due to ferry times (10.10 before we started walking) and therefore a latish finish. Coffee was in the Village shops of the Sheperds Bay unit complex and considerably better than the coffee from the shop near Meadowbank station.
2016 10 21 Reg Susan P1000004a                      Above, the first photo of the day - Wullumatta Bay and below and later, enough space to get the group lined up
2016 10 21 Reg Susan P1000015a
Trees (Part 1):Some gathered under a Silky Oak Grevillia robusta and all passed by the mangroves
016 10 21 Reg DonW hiding under the silky oakb  016 10 21 Reg DonW walking in the mangrovesb
2016 10 21 Reg DonW banjos cottagebThere was a lot of history. For instance, 'Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant' is in a house purchased in 1866 by Banjo Paterson's maternal grandmother Emily Barton.
And who was the Governor in 1828?
016 10 21 Reg DonW who was govenor in 1828a

More recent history: Was the demolished house the 2nd last fibro cottage on the Parramatta River? And when was blue a fashion colour?
2016 10 21 Reg HelenA 20161021 114205a  2016 10 21 Reg HelenA 20161021 122426a

Two birds. The Australian Magpie Craticus tibicen no surprise, but the Tawny Frogmouth Podargus strigoides, was.
  2016 10 21 Reg Susan P1000007a        2016 10 21 Reg Susan P1000019a

2016 10 21 Reg Susan P1000013bTrees (Part 2): Some trees flaunting roots above ground, others hiding theirs under rocks.

2016 10 21 Reg HelenA 20161021 115113b

And the final photo of the day: Maurice leads the group to coffee. (Jim commented at this time that Ray would have drawn our attention to the high tide, and told us exactly when and what was the peak at Fort Denison. Re-join us soon, Ray. We miss you.)

2016 10 21 Reg Susan P1000022a
For the record: Susan and Maurice were followed by Robyn M, Lea, Mary, Don W, Rex, Sue K, Jim, Lydia, Ida, Andy, Liz R, Bill McD, two visitors and alternating Tail-end Charlenes Helen A and Elaine E.

Words by Susan. Photos by Susan (1, 2, 9-11, 13), Helen A(7, 8, 12) and Don W(3, 4, 5=Ralph Darling, 6). 

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