Sixteen Hillview walkers, led by Kurt and Bert, braved a temperature of nine degrees and heavy fog to start the Grand Canyon Walk at Evans LO. At the LO we had views over endless fog, where, so rumour has it, on sunny days there are extensive vistas over the Grose Valley. As we descended the steep, impressively restored track to Greaves Creek the fog lifted to light mist and the steep moss covered cliffs, steps and rocks surrounded by ferns and other thick vegetation gave the impression that Hobbits and Elves might emerge at any minute. Weather of this type has a beauty of its own. After morning tea at Greaves Creek the walk continued through the Canyon with many short stops to marvel at its beauty and then eventually back up the steep ascent through Neates Glen back into the fog and light drizzle onto Evans Lookout Road.
Following a brief discussion it was unanimously agreed we should, despite light rain, continue to the Braeside Walk, stopping to admire waratahs on the way, and settled for lunch in light drizzle at two tables in the picnic area at the start of the walk. We then continued through light fog along the track to be met by a splash of colour from all the wild flowers along the entire track in such abundance it resembled nature’s garden. In the background through the mist was the quite fast flowing Govetts Leap Brook which ended as the Bridal Veil Falls where we emerged on the cliff top track from Govetts Leap to Evans LO. Here we were once again met by the endless fog over the Grose Valley with just a slight hint of Pulpit Rock and Lockley Pylon as fragments of fog thinned out but quickly closed again. We managed the remaining steps to Evans LO car park where we arrived at about 3.00 pm. The day finished with coffee at Blackheath. Despite, or maybe because of, the weather the walk received unanimous approval.


                                                                           An eerie outlook in the car park at Evans Lookout at the start of the walk

                                                      2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 200



                                                            Descending to the Canyon                         ............................      and crossing the Grand Canyon creek

                                                          2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 208                                         C2016 10 28 Plus Deidre DSCN3391



                                                               The vanguard behind a waterfalll                                         and an intriguing rock overhang                                                                                                                                          2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 257                                      2016 10 28 Plus Wendy C2


                              Flora and Fauna ln Neates Glen

                                 Fern perfection                                                                             Dilwynnia and rain drops                                                    Gomopholobium

                       2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 270                 2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 269                 2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 274



                                                                                            and colourful too!

                                                                                        2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 275




                                                                                             A beautiful combination of water and web

                                                                       2016 10 28 Plus Wendy 9





                                                                         Govetts Leap Brook and old railway water supply dam at the Braeside Track crossing

                                                      2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 286 1





                                  Comesperma Ericinum-heathwart,pink matchheads or pyramid flower                    John B surrounded by yellow flowers on the track to Evans Lookout

                                                      2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 319                                                           2016 10 28 Plus Barbara P1232246 316



                                                                                                          Waratah Telopea Speciosissima

                                                                                      2016 10 28 Plus Deidre DSCN3404



 Kurt and Bert led fourteen walkers, Helen A, Nick, John B, Ross B, Wendy C, Polly, Elaine E, Robyn F, Anne G, Mary, Sheila, Wendy P, Barbara and Deidre.

Words by Kurt

Photos: Barbara (1,2,4,6,7,8,9,11,12,13), Deidre(3,14) and Wendy C (5,10)