On a beautiful sunny (later hot) day, ten walkers set out from Narrabeen. The weather was only slightly affected by smoke from a reduction burn, and we had two new walkers with us. We admired the views from the many lookouts and view points, both up and down the coast. Morning tea was at Mona Vale. We considered lunch at Bilgola, but pressed on, and were rewarded at the end of the walk at Avalon, with a cool breeze and shade. Plus coffee at the relatively new surf club. A great walk, although some thought they might have joined the Plus group by mistake!

                            Looking back at the start: Narrabeen Lake and North Narrabeen Beach through reduction burn smoke.2016 11 04 Reg WendyP IMG 1894c

                                                                          The group not looking at the view north from Turimatta Head ......2016 11 04 Reg AnneR P1050754
                                                               ... and the view south and the view down from Turimetta Head
2016 11 04 Reg AnneR P1050752a      2016 11 04 Reg WendyP IMG 1900b
                                                                                    The source of the smoke at Terrey Hills
2016 11 04 Reg AnneR P1050755
A study of two walkers:  ....  Anne R busy                                                                 ... and Tail-end Barrie  - waiting
2016 11 04 Reg WendyP IMG 1896a           2016 11 04 Reg AnneR P1050757a

2016 11 04 Reg WendyP IMG 1905b

Morning tea at Mona Vale. Most of the ladies sat comfortably at a table; one lady and the
gentlemen were consigned to some rocks.

2016 11 04 Reg WendyP IMG 1906b

2016 11 04 Reg WendyP IMG 1907"M24 midget submarine
For over 60 years one of the great Australian wartime and maritime mysteries was the whereabouts of the third and last Japanese midget submarine, which invaded Sydney Harbour on the evening of 31 May 1942. That night, the harbour was full of allied naval vessels and the midget submarines were on a mission to inflict maximum damage.
Two of the midget submarines were destroyed almost immediately and recovered from Sydney Harbour within a week, but the third could not be found.
This was the only submarine able to launch its torpedoes and with terrible effect, sinking the ferry HMAS Kuttabul, killing 21 men on board and injuring another ten.
There were many theories about what might have happened to the missing submarine and many so called 'discoveries'.
It was not until November 2006, that a group of weekend divers called 'No Frills Divers' located the still intact Japanese midget submarine M24 off Bungan Head, Newport (Sydney, Australia). The submarine was entangled in nets 54 metres below on the seabed." - NSW Gov. Office of Environment & Heritage.

2016 11 04 Reg WendyP IMG 1910Coffee at Avalon.

For the record: Elaine E and Wendy P led the group, joined by Barrie (tail-end Charlie), Sue and Michael F, Lea, Anne R, and three visitors.

Words by Elaine E.
Photos by Wendy P (1, 4, 6, 8-11); Anne R (3, 5, 7); Visitor (2).