A group of 24 met at Circular Quay for the ferry ride to Greenwich where we were joined by a 25th walker. Walking east from
2016 11 11 Plus AnneG meet the ferryaGreenwich Wharf we came to the first of many lookouts at Mann’s Point.

2016 11 11 Plus WendyC2a

Then we followed the track past the Shell oil tanks, around Gore Cove and through the Gore Reserve to reach Berry Island.
2016 11 11 Plus Barb P1050900a 2016 11 11 Plus AnneG harbour viewsa
Morning tea was enjoyed on Berry Island overlooking aboriginal rock carvings,
2016 11 11 Plus ChristineMcA 20161111 095434a

and through the angophoras to the oil tanker moored at the Shell refinery. Anne G told us a little about the history of the island and how the causeway had been built up on old car bodies, building rubble and relocated soil.2016 11 11 Plus Barb P1050901 1a2016 11 11 Plus Barb P1050908aAfter Berry Island an attempted short cut via the beach (as it was low tide) resulted in an unexpected dip in the harbour for one member of the group.







At this point the group was greeted by the regular walkers, who had just completed their circuit of Berry Island. It was with some reluctance that the plus group was dragged away to continue their walk towards Wollstonecraft, but a detour around the Point Loop track found them again walking with the regular walkers.
2016 11 11 Plus AnneG HVB plus and regulars at Berry Island parksAfter negotiating that hazard there was a short break for a minute’s silence for the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month at Wollstonecraft Bay.

2016 11 11 Plus AnneR P1050789 CopyaArriving at Balls Head the leaders we inspected the sustainable gardens and were pleased to find that, as promised, the tunnel had been opened for our passage.

2016 11 11 Plus WendyC5a

2016 11 11 Plus Barb P1050913 1a

We continued on the circuit of Balls Head with its spectacular views of the harbour and cityscape, followed by the site of the old BHP oil tanks, now nicely presented as public parkland. We negotiated the dog walkers and their many charges at Waverton Park, before trudging up the hill and around to Sawmillers Reserve.2016 11 11 Plus Barb P1050918aThere shade was the preferred option for lunch with more wonderful harbour views augmented by an interesting shipwreck.
2016 11 11 Plus ChristineMcA 20161111 124504a  2016 11 11 Plus AnneR P1050801 CopyLunch was followed by a short walk to Blues Point where another walker took a tumble, but, after first aid was applied, was kindly carried up the hill by a passing bus which came to the rescue. Meanwhile there was the street-scape and the Harbour view to admire.
2016 11 11 Plus WendyC7a  2016 11 11 Plus Deidre DSCN3452a

The final stretch past Luna Park, complete with photo stop, and North Sydney Olympic Pool took us up the hill to a very friendly coffee shop just opposite Milsons Point Station.

2016 11 11 Plus Barb P1050923a

2016 11 11 Plus Barb P1050924aFor the record: Leaders Anne G and Anne R followed by Nick, Clive, Don B, Wendy C, Susan C, Rhondda, Annette, Sue and Michael, Celia, Cherry and Peter, Kas, Christine McA, John M, Bert, Wendy P, Barbara, Guenter, Kurt, Deidre, Judith and Jill.

Words By Anne R.

Photos by Anne G(1, 4, 8), Wendy C(2, 10, 15), Barbara(3, 6, 7, 11, 12, 17, 18), Christine McA(5, 13) Deidre (16), Anne R(9, 14).