Notwithstanding temperatures in the thirties, 46 members and 6 visitors made their way to Bobbin Head for our traditional end of year BBQ. Once there and under cover, no time was wasted in setting out a great array of nibbles dips and other tasty offerings and firing up the BBQ's. As the steaks, fish, sausages and other interesting items (even haloumi) sizzled, members chatted and quenched their thirst before retreating to the tables to consume the results of their efforts at the BBQ. As members ate and chatted, President Kurt delivered a short speech thanking members for their contributions during the year and encouraging them to consider coming forward next year to stand on the committee and act as understudies for the key positions of Secretary and Treasurer to ensure continuity for these positions. He also emphasised the need for Regular walkers to affirm whether or not they wish to continue having walks in the Blue Mountains.
After dessert treats were offered around by some of the ladies, further conversation followed before members headed for coffee and home, well satisfied with another enjoyable end of year BBQ.

                                                                                                          Let the BBQ'ing commence !

2016 11 18 BBQ Susan C P1010052

                           The Upton sisters, Pat and Noel                                                                                  David E, Don B and Clive
           2016 11 18 BBQ Don W noel pat               2016 11 18 BBQ Don W david don clive

                  On the right: Maurice, Jim, Michael and Claude
                  and below: Lawrie,Margaret B, Aileen and Les 2016 11 18 BBQ Susan C P1010042
        2016 11 18 BBQ Don W lawrie margaret aileen les
                                                       Egg rings? Forget them! Who else but Ray? Welcome back!
                    2016 11 18 BBQ HelenA 20161118 113941 001               2016 11 18 BBQ HelenA 20161118 113852f
              Photographer Don W takes a break from taking pictures                          and President Kurt addresses the group
              2016 11 18 BBQ Susan C P1010060               2016 11 18 BBQ Susan C P1010074

                                                                                   Deidre and a beautiful visitor
                                                         2016 11 18 BBQ Don W deidre and
                                    Barrie, Pam, Lindy and Rosie on the left                  and Helen A and Norma on the right
              2016 11 18 BBQ Susan C P1010037           2016 11 18 BBQ Don W helen normab
              Jill and Rhondda2016 11 18 BBQ Don W John ros (below)
             and Secretary John with Ros G
       2016 11 18 BBQ Don W jill rhondda
        And below, the group at post BBQ coffee at the NPWS cafe.
2016 11 18 BBQ Susan C P1010090

 Bobbin Head c 1900 showing the original boathouse. The picture was taken prior to landfilling to make Orchard Park and other recreational areas.
2016 11 18 BBQ Download Bobbin Hd c 1900

  Did you know that the name Bobbin Head derives from a large rock which stood at the end of the headland, and as tidal waters rose and fell about it, it appeared to bear a likeness to a head and shoulders bobbing in the creek, hence the "bobbing head", which was later changed to Bobbin Head. Bobbin Head, on Cowan Creek. Today it is part of Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, proclaimed in 1894. It is still a popular place for picnics, which are not so difficult to arrange as in 1897, when it was necessary to send a telegram, to hire a horse drawn vehicle to be in attendance at Wahroonga to meet the train. The name may also have been named after the farm of Mr Hutchinson who had a farm in the area.






 For the record, attendees were Helen A, Clive, Margaret B, Don B, Barrie, Wendy C, Maurice and Susan, Rhondda, Elaine E, David and Annette, Laurie, Sue and Michael, John and Ros, Ray and Norma, Pragati, Mary, Rosie, Aileen, Cherry and Peter, Diana L, Dot, Chris McA, Diana M, Dawn, John M, Bert, Claude and Margaret, Wendy P, Kurt, Vreni, Pam, Deidre, Lyn, Jim, Pat and Noel, Rosemary, Jill, Don W and 6 visitors.


Words by Bert


Pictures by:Don W(2, 3, 4, 8, 11, 2, 14), Susan C (1, 5, 9, 10, 13, 15) and Helen (6, 7)