Jul-Dec 2017

2017 07 14 Soc Ray 01

                                                                                                                       From the exotic ...

                                    2017 07 17 Soc Ray 03 1 2017 07 17 Soc Ray 02

 to the mundane ...


              to reach the river



2017 07 17 Soc Ray 04

2017 07 17 Soc Ray 062017 07 17 Soc Ray 05                                                                                       Have the Social Walkers taken up gymnastics?  

2017 07 17 Soc Ray 07                After walking over a long bridge ...

2017 07 17 Soc Ray 12                                                                        it was time to take a rest.                                                                                                                    

2017 07 17 Soc Ray 13                                                                           

     After watching so much activity       2017 07 17 Soc Ray 15                                2017 07 17 Soc Ray 17         

                                                          and some more walking ..     



                                                                          another rest was in order.

2017 07 17 Soc Ray 18

2017 07 16 PHOTO 00000004

                                                                           A quieter place was found for refuelling!

2017 07 17 Soc Ray 20

            And then it was back to the mundane.       

2017 07 17 Soc Ray 21

                                                                           Surely coffee was needed at the end of the walk - not this!  

2017 07 17 Soc Ray 22                                                              

  What happened to the warm, sunny day we thought as we set off from Meadowbank Station? When we finally reached the sunny side of the street we felt much better. A short uphill walk took us to the start of the old rail bridge which crossed the Parramatta River. Once across some took the steep stairs with ramp for bicycle wheeling and some the more gentle path down to the street below. This we followed back to the river, under the bridge and up to a small park for morning tea. Here we were entertained by someone exercising and someone doing yoga before we continued on the path by the water. By now the “traffic” was increasing with bicycles, scooters, strollers,joggers and walkers of all ages. They dodged us and we dodged them with no accidents. The still developing Rhodes area was joined to the still developing Wentworth Point by the new Bennelong bridge (a no-car bridge). This we crossed admiring the views of river and more distant Olympic and Bicentennial Parks. As Wentworth Point is a hub of noisy building activity we turned back to have lunch on the more peaceful Rhodes side.

We completed the day’s walk by walking up to a coffee shop near the station. It was a fitting end to the pleasant day.

Walkers: Kath, Noel, Pat U, Liz W, Norma, Ray, Margaret B, Pam, Rex and Robyn, Mary, Lyn

Words: Lyn  

Photos: Ray: 1-12, 14-16, Mary: 13




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