Seventeen walkers including leaders set out from Staples Lookout in freezing conditions made worse by strong cold winds. Two kilometres into the walk the group deviated from the main track, left backpacks on a sunny rock shelf and descended the steep path to Kariong Brook. After viewing the beautiful Kariong Brook waterfall, the reason for this deviation, the group retraced its steps and had morning tea on the rock shelf where the backpacks were retrieved. The weather became warmer and the wind dropped. The group then continued towards Mt Wondabyne. As the track climbed around the western side of Mt Wondabyne towards the final ascent, giving way to the views of the surrounding area, the wind increased again. Two thirds up the final ascent a wind still area was selected for lunch, backpacks were once again left behind, and the group undertook the final climb to the top where some brave souls climbed the trig in strong winds for photographs. The group then retraced its steps to the backpacks and had lunch in sunny and relative windless conditions. Towards the end of lunch walkers from the Regular group appeared on their way to the top. After an exchange of greetings the Plus group descended the mountain and completed the walk via Thommos Loop Circuit. Challenges were thrown out for eager walkers to repeat the detour to Kariong Brook but as there were no takers the group retired to the Waterfall Café at Mt. Penang Gardens for the obligatory coffee, thus completing a great day.

2017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9501                                                                       The leader briefs the walkers anxious to get underway and warm up2017 07 21 Plus Susan P1040502                                                                                            Heads down as we near Kariong Brook

2017 07 21 Plus Bert 092415 resized2017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9512
                                The waterfall at Kariong Brook and reflections looking down on the waterfall photographers

2017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9518                                                      Morning tea after climding back up from Kariong Brook.  Some stood, some sat and some just lounged
2017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9521                                                           Getting ready to move off after morning tea but what was Don B's joke.

Just in case you were unaware, the wildflower season has arrived as evidenced by the Flora Gallery below:                                                                                                                                                                                     2017 07 21 Plus Anne R P1140618 Copy 1
       2017 07 21 Plus Anne R P1140610 Copy 1
                                                                                                                                                  Wattle in full bloom
a                                                2017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9507 1 2017 07 21 Plus Anne R P1140625 Copy 22017 07 2 Plus Anne R P1140631 Copy1
Grevillia                                                                                                                                      Baronia ledifolia                                                             Boronia
       2017 07 21 Plus Susan P10405102017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9520
             Red Spider Flower                                                                                                                                                        Heath leaved Banksia (Banksia ericifolia)
2017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 95152017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9543











Eriostemon and

Pink SpiderFlower(right)




2017 07 21 Plus Susan P1040542
                                                                                                        Wattle of a different shade                                                                                     

2017 07 21 Plus Anne R P1140616 Copy                                                                                                          On Mt Wondabyne      This spot for lunch?  Done!

2017 07 21 Plus Bert 113005 resized20170721 113059 2    2017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9534                                                                                                At Mt Wondabyne Trig,  first Martin got up followed by Barbara and then the others followed
2017 07 21 Plus Sue S IMG 9544 1                                                                                       Looking back on Mt Wondabyne on the homeward track

Kurt and Bert led fifteen other walkers:Nick, John B, Don B, Susan, Polly, John D'C, Elaine, Anne G, Martin, Kas, Dawn, Barbara, Anne R, Vreni, Sue S.

Photos: Anne R (7,8,9,11,17),Bert (3,18,19), Susan(2,12,16), Sue S(1,4,5,6,10,13,14,15,20,21)

Words by Kurt