Jul-Dec 2017

Programmed one year ago (almost to the day) – this 2016 walk was unfortunately cancelled after heavy rain flooded the track and closed the road at Audley Weir. For the 2017 re-run, the day dawned clear and sunny (even if there’d been heavy rain overnight) as encouragement for the 15 HVB Plus walkers who turned up for the sign-on at Audley NPWS visitor centre.  After a car shuffle to the start point there was a little geographical displacement by the leaders (one in particular) which had the walkers traversing Little Marley track (as distinct from the Marley track) down to join the Coast track and morning tea on the cliff tops looking out to sea.

2017 08 04 PlusWalk Drina Setting out 1 2

                                                                                                              Setting out under clear blue skies

Unfortunately – unlike the day of the recce – no whales passed us by, but we all enjoyed Anne’s birthday cake as a splendid consolation prize (It seemed that Anne just couldn’t wait for morning tea to happen, so that she could offer her cake around and lighten her pack!)

2017 08 04 PlusWalk Drina Morning tea on the rocks 2

 2017 08 04 PlusWalk Drina Annes birthday treat 2

                                                                                                  Morning tea and Anne G's delicious birthday treat

As we then proceeded South on the Coast track, the day was so clear after the overnight rain that the Illawarra coast stood out with every detail visible: with a little imagination, one could see the cars on the Seacliff Bridge at Scarborough!

2017 08 04 PlusWalk RobynMa Nikon Aug 2017 111

2017 08 04 PlusWalk RobynMa Nikon Aug 2017 121

                     Calm seas at Wattamolla and new mesh walkway on the Coast Track



 2017 08 04 PlusWalk DrinaLooking forward to lunch 2

                                                                                                                Looking forward to lunch

By lunchtime, the forecast wind had picked up, but we enjoyed the vista of Eagle Rock and the ocean beyond while listening to the waves crashing on the rocks below – not quite "Mendlessohn’s Fingal’s Cave" – but it was close!

2017 08 04 PlusWalk Bert 20170804 132228

                                                                                                            Lunch and enjoying the vista of Eagle Rock

2017 08 04 PlusWalk Bert 20170804 132152 22017 08 04 PlusWalk Bert 20170804 132202

                                                 Eagle Rock                                                                                                               Looking down on Curracurrong Creek at Eagle Rock

2017 08 04 PlusWalk RobynMa Nikon Aug 2017 145 32017 08 04 PlusWalk RobynMa ikon Aug 2017 144

                           Red spider flower Grevillea oleoides                                                                                                             Native Iris Patersonia sericea

2017 08 04 PlusWalk RobynMa Nikon Aug 2017 118                                                                                                  Fuschia Heath Epacris longiflora

Lunch over, the long steady ascent from near water level to the elevated ridge and Bertram Stevens Drive began – initially on Curra Moors track – and then for a bit of variety: on Curra Moors trail. Marley vs Little Marley – Curra Moors track vs Curra Moors trail – easy to see how a little geographical confusion can creep in when walking in Royal National Park.

2017 08 04 PlusWalk Drina Uphill afternoon return

                                                                                                                      Uphill afternoon return

Happy to be back in the cars, it was off to the Dance Hall Café at Audley for a well-deserved coffee and a welcome hello to the Regular walkers who had completed the Curra Moors circuit for their day’s walk.

2017 08 04 PlusWalk Bert 20170804 1447382017 08 04 PlusWalk Bert 20170804 152020

                      I can smell coffee.......where are the drivers!                                                                                   Bathed in sunshine at the Dance Hall Cafe Audley

2017 08 04 PlusWalk Bert 20170804 153156

                                                                .......and the birthday girl Anne G celebrating a special birthday.   Happy birthday, Anne G!

The geographically challenged leaders: Pragati and John G led thirteen walkers: Clive, Polly, Anne G, Ros G, Mary G, Martin, Celia, Kas, Robyn Ma, John M, Bert, Kurt and Drina.

Words by John G.

Photos Drina (1, 2, 3, 6, 13),  Robyn Ma (4, 5, 10, 11, 12)  Bert (7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16)

By popular demand Anne G's recipe.........

Pecan and Carrot Cake/Slice

1 cup wholemeal Plain flour
1 tspn bicarb soda
1 tspn cinnamon
1 cup sultanas
11/2 cups-2 med carrots grated
1 cup raw sugar-low GI raw sugar
1 cup pecan pieces
2 eggs 1/2 cup oil
Sift flour, soda and cinnamon into a bowl, return husks to bowl.
Add sultanas, carrots, sugar and pecans ,mix well
Beat eggs and oil with a fork and add to dry ingredients, mix well.
Place mixture into a lamington tin.
Bake in moderate oven:  300-350 for 40 min until firm
Leave in tin 5-10 min before turning out.

S5 Box