Jul-Dec 2017

Clever walks programming resulted in an almost even split of walkers, following the AGM at Orchard Park, Bobbin Head. Twenty four walkers made their way across the cable bridge at the southern extremity of the picnic area, enjoying the picturesque jumble of boulders and waterholes as we followed Cockle Creek which, upstream of the tidal influence, was flowing strongly despite a long period of dry weather. People scattered for morning tea by the Creek with some hardy souls electing to scramble across slippery rocks and pools to snare a perch in the sun among the boulders and log debris.

Despite an early weather alert for damaging winds from the west, we were well up the long, slow climb to the North Turramurra ridge when the first strong wind gusts hit about 11:30 am. We were please to reach the relative shelter of the east-facing slope of The Sphinx where we huddled in a tight-knit group for lunch, retrieving wraps, bags, and belongings as they blew off in the wind.

Rested and refreshed, the pace quickened along the mainly downhill Sphinx and Warrimoo Tracks as we took in the scenic beauty of the upper reaches of Cowan Creek at mid-tide. Having followed different routes, with almost clock-like precision we met up with the Regular walkers at the Empire Marina Café where we enjoyed a well-earned coffee and exchanged tales of our adventures as we again entered the influence of the wild, westerly gale that had blown for most of the day, pleased however, that we had managed to dodge the worst of it.

2017 08 18 Plus Sue S 094349                                                                                                           Just as well it looks a strong bridge at the start of the walk at Cockle Creek
2017 08 18 Plus Susan C P1040796                                                                                                      A spur-winged plover makes her feelings known as she guards her chick at Cockle Creek
 2017 08 18 Plus Barbara P1100045 22017 08 18 Plus Barbara P1100046 2
                                                                                                   Two groups of lizards enjoying the sun at morning tea at Cockle Creek
2017 08 18 Plus Barbara P1100049

2017 08 18 Plus Barbara P1100048
..............meanwhile morning tea on the right bank for a third group







                                                                                                                                                                                   Morning tea reflections on Cockle Creek

2017 08 18 Plus Sue S IMG 9657                                                                                                                                                   Rock hopping up Cockle Creek after morning tea

2017 08 18 Plus Drina Chat at the top of the hill                                                                                                                                  Three happy ladies stop for a chat at the top of the hill
2017 08 18 Plus Susan C P1040809                                                                                    A rather reflective group lunching at the Sphinx                                                                                           

2017 08 18 Plus Barbara P11000532017 08 18 Plus Barbara P1100051
                  Epacris on the Sphinx Track
2017 08 18 Plus Barbara P1232261 238
              Boronia on the Sphinx Track


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Murrua Track  Grevillea speciosa

2017 08 18 Plus Sue S IMG 9664                                                                                                                    Sunlight on Umbrella Fern (Sticherus flabellatus)                                                                                                                                                                                     
2017 08 18 Plus Susan C P10408042017 08 18 Plus Sue S IMG 9666

Cliff overhangs along Cowan Creek














2017 08 18 Plus Sue S                                                                                                                               Peaceful beauty looking across Cowan Creek
2017 08 18 Plus Susan C CP1040806                                                                                                                           Above and below -tranquil reflections on Cowan Creek
2017 08 18 Plus Barbara P1232261 240
Ros G and Barbara led twenty two others: Nick, Clive, John B, Chris B, Susan C, Rhondda, Anne G, John G, Mary, Martin, Celia, John M, Claude, Pragati, Kurt, Deidre, Sue S, Lyn, Drina, Jill and two visitors

Pictures by: Barbara (3, 4, 5, 6,10,11,12,18), Drina (8), Susan C (2, 9,15,17) ), Sue S (1,7,13,14,16)
Words: Ros G


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