Jul-Dec 2017

Following the AGM, a keen group of 17 walkers set out on the Regular walk, to the Sphinx track. The weather was fine, but with very strong winds. Fortunately the winds did not prove to be a problem, although we could hear them roaring in the trees on the other side of the valley, on the downward path.

The track starts with a steep climb up a rocky section, then follows a winding fire trail uphill, until it flattens out. The wildflowers were spectacular on this section, large areas of eriostemon in particular. We stopped to appreciate the aboriginal carvings en route, and arrived at the Sphinx for an early lunch.

The steep downhill track provided no problems, and we were entertained by a number of yellow tailed black cockatoos feeding in the trees.

We arrived at the coffee shop at the end of the walk just ahead of the Plus group, allowing for much enjoyment and exchange of information.

2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1024 eriostomon up closeaPink Wax-flower Eriostemon australasius

2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1024 masses of eriostomona2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1100not sure might be dillwynia floribunda please checka
Eggs and Bacon Dillwynia retorta and masses of Pink Wax-flower

2017 08 18 Reg PeteR resizeP1010309a2017 08 18 Reg PeteR resizeP1010308a
At the aboriginal carvings. Some turn to smile for the photographer whilst Diana L, Barrie and Lyndy are not to be distracted

2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1123 hakea as ive never seen it beforeaBack on the fire trail, more flowers to wonder at. 'Hakea like I've never seen it before' - Dagger Needle-bush Hakea tereifolia

2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1109 boroniaa  2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1100 pink spider flowera  2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1129 grevillea possbikly speciosissimaa
Sydney Boronia Boronia ledifolia; Pink Spider-flower Grevillea sericea and Red Spider-flower Grevillea speciosa

2017 08 18 Reg PeteR resizeP1010313a2017 08 18 Reg HelenA 20170818 115434a
A photographer working for the best shot: Pete R on top of the Sphinx, and the result. Lunch began once Pete came back to earth and gave permission.2017 08 18 Reg PeteR resizeP1010319a

2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1312 this one proves ita2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1302 angophoros dont need rootsa

Four photos of what must be our most photographed tree.
From Don Wo: 'Angophoras don't need roots' and 'This one proves it'
Pete R found an angophora will an acolyte Casuarina, but Elaine E's photo was obviously this week's best.

2017 08 18 Reg PeteR resizeP1010323a2017 08 18 Reg ElaineE IMG 1034a

2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1259 a tidal creeka'Tidal creek'

2017 08 18 Reg DonWo 1239 yellowtail cockatoosa

Two pairs.

On the left, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos Calyptorhynchus funereus

and below:
Two of HVB's Dons, this time Don Wo and Don B.

2017 08 18 Reg HelenA 20170818 132108a
2017 08 18 Reg PeteR resizeP1010325aMainly ferns

2017 08 18 Reg HelenA 20170818 093609a  2017 08 18 Reg PeteR resizeP1010327a  2017 08 18 Reg HelenA 20170818 140934a
The walk: book-ended by views of stationary craft.

For the record:
The walkers, led by Elaine E and Dawn, were Helen A, Don B, Barrie, Michael and Sue F, Peter L and Cherry, Lyndy, Christine McA, Diana L, Robyn Mi, Wendy P, Don Wo, Peter R and Bella (second time walkers).

Words: Elaine E.
Photos: Don Wo (1-3, 6-9, 13, 14, 17, 18), Pete R (4, 5, 11, 12, 15, 20, 22), Helen A (10, 19, 21, 23), Elaine E (16).

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