Jul-Dec 2017

Today's Regular walk was the Shaws Ridge/Blue Gum Swamp Circuit whilst the Plus walk added the extra challenge of ascending Bees Nest Hill to the Grose Mountain Lookout. The meeting place for today’s walks was at the end of Whitecross Road Winmalee. This is the boundary of the Blue Mountains NP. The walkers assembled in their respective groups for the leader’s talk before setting out in sunshine with the occasional gusty winds.  The Plus walkers set off first with fourteen Regular walkers following at a slower pace along the fire trail which follows Shaws Ridge.

2017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre settingout DSCN5603
                                                                                             Looking forward to the a lovely walk in the Blue Mountains NP

Our morning tea stop was about forty five minutes from the start of the walk.  There was much friendly banter as we passed the plus walkers who had surprisingly already stopped for morning tea.  Were the plus walkers extra hungry or saving their energy for the ascent up Bees Nest Hill..........

2017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre morningtea DSCN56042017 09 08 RegularWalk Lydia rockformation IMG 1336 2


 Morning tea spot above the track and wonderful rock formation captured by our photographer





................and here come the plus walkers refreshed from morning tea

2017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre plusgroup DSCN56072017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre plusleaders DSCN5606

                                                         Leaders Bert and Kurt with Claude.....I wonder if they were thinking what a great morning tea spot as they passed by!

2017 09 08 RegularWalk DonWo barb r snapping2017 09 08 RegularWalk DonWo leaderatwork

                 Photographers at work............Deidre taking a photo of the regular walkers at morning tea and plus walker Barbara also taking the regular walkers at morning tea

2017 09 08 RegularWalk DonWo firetrailwalking
                                                                                                                                Fire trail walking............

The group carefully negotiated the descent from the Shaws Ridge fire trail crossing Blue Gum Creek to continue the circuit along Blue Gum Swamp Creek.

2017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre noticeboard DSCN5601

Welcome to Blue Gum Swamp....Blue Gum Swamp is so named for the stand of tall Sydney blue gums Eucalyptus deanei that grow here.  The valley floor here has been blocked sometime in the ancient past and allowed to fill with deep, rich alluvial soil.  Trees here may reach 40  -  50 metres in height.  The soil supports a wide range of plants including ferns and understory shrubs that grow thicker and taller than on the surrounding sandstone derived soils.  It is a unique habitat, much appreciated by birds and other wildlife.

2017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre Sign DSCN5588

2017 09 08 RegularWalk DonWowalking with bluegums 1

2017 09 08 RegularWalk DonWowalking with bluegums 5
                                                                                                                       Walking with the blue gums

2017 09 08 RegularWalk DonWo flowersamongthebluegums2017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre Caltryix DSCN5578

                    Common Fringe Myrtle Calytrix tetragona                                                                                                                    Flowers among the blue gums

2017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre tree DSCN5612 2017 09 08 RegularWalk Lydia tree IMG 1341 2    

                            Robyn Mi and Don Wo embracing the beauty of the blue gums.......


 2017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre lunch DSCN56172017 09 08 RegularWalk Deidre scatteredlunch DSCN5618

                                                                                                                            It was find a rock for lunch!                                                                                               

 Arriving back at the cars at 1.00pm all walkers agreed it was a beautiful walk.  Coffee was at the Winmalee shopping village.

For the record Deidre led Barrie, David and Annette, Aileen, Andy and Sue, Lilian, Helen L, Lydia, Rex and Robyn, Margaret P and Don Wo.  Thank you very much, Barrie for being our tail end charlie.

Words by Deidre

Photos Deidre (1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10,13,16-18), Lydia (3, 15), Don Wo (6-8, 11, 12, 14)

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