Jul-Dec 2017


A group a twelve Plus wakers, including leaders Bert and Kurt, commenced the Shaw’s Ridge walk a few minutes before the Regular walkers. The day turned out to be a beautiful spring day with moderate temperatures tempered by the occasional wind chill. Morning tea was held on a rocky outcrop during which the Regular walkers meandered by. Shortly thereafter the Plus walkers passed the Regulars having morning tea on an equally beautiful rock ledge. We then descended the steep trail into the Blue Swamp Creek valley, a beautiful valley, home to one of the last stands of the magnificent blue gums. At the apex of this circular walk we climbed the very steep trail of Bees Nest Hill towards the Grose Mountain Lookout where we had lunch. The lookout presented us with vistas into the valley and the Grose River, a view towards Mt Thomah, Mt. Banks and Mt Hay and in the other direction out into the Cumberland Plain and two peaks that were either Mt Yengo (probable) or Mt Wondabyne (less probable). Given the beauty of the spot, lunch was longer than usual and was well worth the steep climb. After lunch we retraced our steps to the circular track and continued through the Blue Gum Swamp. There was little evidence of a swamp, the area being quite dry, a little worrying given the onset of the bush fire season. We completed the circuit by 2.00 pm and retired to theWinmalee Shopping Centre for coffee where we once again met up with the Regular walkers.

2017 09 08 Plus Barbara P1100497 1                                                                                            The panorama from our ultimate destination-Grose Mountain Lookout
2017 09 08 Plus Barbara P11004792017 09 08 Plus Pete resizeP1010521






 What's gone wrong? The Regulars overtake the Plus walkers who are enjoying their morning tea


2017 09 08 Plus Pete P1010514

Ladies on high enjoy the morning tea spot

2017 09 08 Plus Barbara P1100480 1Much better! View of the Regulars enjoying their morning tea whilst the Plus walkers overtake

2017 09 08 Plus Pete resizeP1010533Down into the Blue Gum Swamp

2017 09 08 Plus Barbara P11005162017 09 08 Plus Barbara P1100493













Views of the Blue Gums at close range



2017 09 08 Plus Pete resizeP1010537

2017 09 08 Plus Pete resizeP1010555






Happy relaxed walkers before they started climbing Bees Nest Hill




2017 09 08 Plus Pete resizeP1010539..........and still happy and relaxed when they made it to the top to the lunch spot lookout

2017 09 08 Plus Wendycid CE1B292D 34F4 47B0 94CF D16F7D3F01672017 09 08 Plus Barbara P1100502




 Lots of space to spread out for lunch (left. )

Our newest members Bella and Pete and the upper class at lunch (right)



2017 09 08 Plus Barbara P11005082017 09 08 Plus Wendy cid F9DD2763 073A 41B2 9B78 060D73290A11









2017 09 08 Plus Barbara P1100515







 Green shoots of growth(left) and a white flower now indetified as Zieria laevigata observed at the lookout (right top and bottom).


2017 09 08 Plus Pete resizeP1010535 Copy
Is Wendy there just to keep this bunch in order?
2017 09 08 Plus Wendy cid 8B9B7D52 29DB 487A A3B4 E7E4BA39B336











    Bert and Kurt led Nick, Wendy C, Sue F, Martin, Kas, John M, Claude, Pete and Bella and Barbara.

    Photos by Wendy (12,14,18 ), Pete (2,4,6,9,10,11,17) and Barbara (1,3,5,7,8,13,15,16)

    Words by Kurt




Retreating homewards through the Blue Gums



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