A fortunate 9 people met at Circular Quay in perfect weather ( well… a little bit of wind at times) to catch the ferry up to Parramatta. Owing to the length of this pleasant trip we had morning tea as soon as we got off the ferry. We sat to do so on ferry waiting seats as the proposed seats a little further along were somewhat draughty.
Once fortified we set off along the bank of the river towards the park. In recent years the area has been attractively decorated with signs and pictures of aboriginal life there and, further along, information about the early white settlers. With tall towers being constructed in the city nearby we were able to imagine the Parramatta of the future. We crossed under road bridges and soon found ourselves in the park where we crossed the now narrower river and ambled up to our lunch spot not far from the site of old Government House.
We left the park via the George Street Gatehouse and walked through the shops, plaza, construction and reconstruction to coffee and the train or bus back home.

A relaxing, enjoyable day!

2017 09 08 Soc Ray 012017 09 08 Soc Ray 02

Parramatta Town Hall - public space

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The ferry station greets you with “Gi walawa and nalawala at Baramada”
which means ‘Please stop here and rest at Parramatta’

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On the right, 'Lyn insisted I pose'. Quite right, Lyn.

On the fateful day, Sir Charles' coachman was reluctant to use the fresh2017 09 08 Soc Ray 10
horses. Sir Charles insisted the horses be harnessed, and he took the
reins. During the outing two passengers were thrown out of the carriage
against a tree. Lady Fitzroy died instantly. Mr Masters survived a few
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All at coffee.

For the record:
Walkers Liz W, Noel, Pat U, Norma, Ray, Kath, Jim with leaders Mary and Lyn.
Words by Lyn, photos by Ray