Jul-Dec 2017

Eight walkers took up the challenge of an early start for the drive to Leura Cascades. A short descent, the first of many flights of steps, took us to the first vantage point to admire the top section of the cascades.

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC top section of the cascades

Next, a section of ups and downs took us much higher to Bridal Veil Lookout, an excellent place to view the falls.

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC Bridal Veil Falls from lookout2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC cockatoos at Bridal Veil Lookout

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC view from Bridal Veil Lookout

                                                                                                     View towards Mt Solitary from the Bridal View Lookout     

2017 10 13 PlusWalk RosG takingintheviewatoneofthemanylookouts DSCN2288 4                                                                                                                     Taking in the view from one of the many lookouts      

A steep descent down some steps , through cool, lush forest then took us to the bottom of the Bridal Veil Falls and morning tea.

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC HVB tackles the challenge

                                                                                                                                  HVB tackles the challenge

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC descending through the cool forest
2017 10 13 PlusWalk RosG morningtea DSCN2297 42017 10 13 PlusWalk RosG impressiveBridalVeilFallsdespitethelongdry DSCN2290 4
                                     Impressive Bridal Veil Falls despite the long dry                                                                           Morning tea spot below Bridal Veil Falls   

Yet more steps then took us down to Leura Forest, where we paused to enjoy the atmosphere, the very old Turpentine Trees and the birdsong.

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC Marguerite Cascade2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC Leura Forest                                                              Marguerite Cascades                                                                                                             Enjoying the beauty of the Leura Forest

2017 10 13 PlusWalk RosG turpentine DSCN2303 3                                                                                                                
                                                                                  A massive turpentine Syncarpia glomulifera towers over us in the magnificent Leura Forest

The next section along Dardanelles and Federal Passes was relatively flat and easy walking through pleasant forest.

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC Lunch on Federal Pass2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC there were lots of things to look at
                 There were lots of things to look.......but what were they looking at?                             Lunch spot on the Federal Pass........now that's a bread roll, Claude

All walkers gamely undertook the Furber steps and were justifiably pleased to reach the top. On the ascent, the breathtaking views of the falls, the valley and Mount Solitary provided welcome respite from the climb. A lyrebird preceded us part of the way, which was very entertaining. 

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC there were lots of stairs like these2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC Our lyrebird heading up Furber Steps
2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC Claude the thinker
                      Claude, the thinker....'if a lyrebird can climb the Furber Steps so can I'................and above "there were lots of stairs like these".......

2017 10 13 plisWalk RosG lookingeasttothethreesisters DSCN2311 3                                                                                  Looking east to the Three sisters (the fourth dwarf sister never gets a gurnsey)

2017 10 13 PlusWalk WendyC View from Furber Steps
                                                                                                               Taking in the view from the Furber Steps
2017 10 3 plusWalk RosG cheer at theendofthewalk DSCN2323 4

 A cheer at the end of the walk.....oops I believe a passing tourist was hijacked to take the photo!  Unfortunately, Martin wasn't present when the photo was taken

Perfect weather and a coffee at Wentworth Falls ensure an excellent days walking.

Words by Wendy C

For the record:  Claude and Wendy C led Clive, Celia, Martin, Lyndy, Ros, Nick.

Photos by Wendy C (1-4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13-17, 19)  Ros (5, 8, 9, 12, 18) Passing tourist on Ros' camera (20)

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