Unusual discipline enabled a group of fifteen plus walkers to overcome the dangers and enjoy the delights of a 12 km walk from Cammeray Bridge to Middle Cove via Sailors Bay and Castle Crag around the shores of Middle Harbour.
The dangers included the crossing of Eastern Valley Way at peak time, golf balls landing 20 m away and a scarcity of loos whilst the delights consisted of a peak at the houses of the semi- super rich built by W.B.Griffin and Bill Lucas, long stretches of sun-dappled bushland and glimpses of manicured greenery coloured by splashes of angophora, flannel flower and kangaroo paw. Throughout the day, there were some great views of the water.
The eager canter of the morning slowed by mid-day as the humid, warm climate made the group toil up the final climb to our lunch spot at the Sugar Loaf where we were rewarded by a wonderful view of Castle Cove marred by the hulk of the Frenchs Forest Hospital on the skyline and a port-a-loo left over from W.W.1.
With the prospects of coffee, the pace quickened past some modern, stark Mac Mansions to a rustic café nestling beside the E.V.W. We had plenty of time before catching the sole bus to Chatswood but our warning to the management in the previous week to expect a crowd had not been noted. After 40 mins, we were all served, gulped down our drinks, forded the dangerous E.V.B. and reached the bus stop with one minute to spare.
After half an hour we were still waiting for any bus to stop whilst a splinter group had been whisked away to North Sydney from the opposite side of the E.V.B. Moral was very low until Number 275 came into view. The mood changed dramatically when the regulars were seen to be on board. The tweets and twitters were deafening as the two groups exchanged greetings.
In the back rows, some were deep in thought- perhaps pondering how to preserve our beautiful city from tunnels direct from the CBD to Middle Harbour, high rise crowding Old Government House and bushland being destroyed for ‘Connex’. Perhaps we should put some energy and time into the National Trust?

2017 03 11 Plus BarbaraP1160266                                                                         The Plus group at The Scarp/The Bastion junction, Castlecrag
2017 11 03 PlusWalk Deidre DonBGuenterandthegoanna2017 03 11 Plus SueSIMG 9832













                                                                        Leaders Nick and Chris B







                                                     Don B, Guenter and the Goanna
2017 03 11 Plus AnneRP1160851 Copy                                                                                                 These Golfers waited for us to walk through
2017 03 11 Plus AnneRP1160861 Copy2017 03 11 Plus AnneRP1160850 Copy








                                                                                A Water Dragon at our morning tea spot                                             Brush turkeys and their mound

2017 03 11 BarbaraP1160251                                                                                         Clive enjoying a rest in the Northbridge vineyard
2017 03 11 Plus WendyCDSC051922017 03 11 Plus BarbaraP1160277






                       Rough-Barked Apple (angophora floribunda) at Castlecrag                                                                                                                                                                                        Blueberry Ash at The Sugarloaf

2017 03 11 Plus WendyCDSC05186                                                            This looks like a good spot for Morning Tea
2017 11 03 PlusWalk Deidre Morning Tea Clive Park                                                                                             Morning Tea at Clive Park
2017 03 11 Plus SueSIMG 98412017 03 11 Plus WendyCDSC05191








                    On the Track



2017 11 03 PlusWalk Deidre LushPuppiesDogGroomingService2017 11 03 PlusWalk Deidre AnglersBin






                   The local Dogs love Lush Puppies.

2017 03 11 Plus SueSIMG 9838












                                                                             Great idea for old fishing line

                                                                      This Map must be Wrong

2017 03 11 Plus SueSIMG 9846                                     The Innisfallen Castle on the ridge of Castlecove.
                                    It is a Gothic style house built over 18 months from 1903–1905 using sandstone quarried on the estate.
                                    It was built for Henry Hastings Willis, a prominent member of the Parliament of New South Wales at the time.

2017 03 11 Plus SueS20171103 1114032017 03 11 Plus BarbaraP1160260








2017 03 11 Plus SueSIMG 9839


 2017 03 11 Plus SueS20171103 115833










                      A selection of interesting houses seen at CastleCrag

2017 03 11 Plus AnneRP1160873 Copy                                                                                A short water break before continuing on to lunch
2017 03 11 Plus BarbaraP1160276                                                                                                  Lunch at the Sugarloaf
2017 03 11 Plus BarbaraP1160272                                                                      View over Middle Harbour & Bantry Bay from The Sugarloaf, Castle Cove
2017 03 11 Plus BarbaraP11602782017 03 11 Plus BarbaraP1160279

















                                      Road cut in the late 1920s by Walter Burley Griffin's "Greater Sydney Development Association"
                                      built with the intention of creating a residential development at The Sugarloaf

2017 03 11 Plus Bert20171103 141100 resized 1                                                                                                 Birthday Leader at the Rustic Cafe

                 Leaders:    Nick and Chris B
                 Walkers:    Clive, Don B, Sue B, Wendy C, Rhondda, Martin, Robyn Ma, Bert, Barbara, Guenter, Anne R, Deidre, Sue S
                 Photos:      Anne R (4,5,6,22), Barbara (1,7,9,19,23,24,25,26), Bert (27),  Deidre (2,11,14,15), Sue S (3,12,16,17,18,20,21), Wendy C (8,10,13)
                 Words:       Nick