Jul-Dec 2017

Twenty walkers set out on a beautiful day to walk Narrabeen to Avalon. Not much to be said about this walk, except that it was a fabulous day, fantastic views of the headlands and oceans, and a great crowd pa rticipating, with a wonderful morning tea spot at Mona Vale. We did have a fly-past of 4 helicopters, and wondered how they knew we were there. Oh , and there were a few steps - and a few more - and a few more - and still a few more. However, success was rewarded with lunch and coffee at the end of the walk, and a pleasant bus trip back to the cars.
2017 11 10 Plus Don W this is what we came for                               This is what we came for-the beautiful beaches and the sparkling ocean of the Northern Penninsula
2017 11 10 Plus Barbara P1160306                                                         Looking back towards Narrabeen Beach
2017 11 10 Plus Don W first view of the ocean2017 11 10 Plus Don W kurt explaining the view
               First views of the ocean                                                                                                                Kurt explains the view
2017 11 10 Plus DrinaHard going                                                                  Hard going on the way to Turimetta Head
2017 11 10 Plus John B IMG 0492                                               All eyes to the sky as the four helicopters fly past

2017 11 10 Plus Peter R Vers1P1020351
2017 11 10 Plus Barbara P1160309
  View north from Warriewood to Mona Vale and distant Boudi Boudi NP (above) and walkers at the look-out over Warriewood Beach (right)

2017 11 10 Plus Barbara P1160314                                           Some took the hard way along Mona Vale Beach including photographer Barbara
2017 11 10 Plus Drina Morning tea break table 22017 11 10 Plus Drina Morning tea break table 1
                                                                                                               Morning Tea at Mona Vale Beach
2017 11 10 Plus John B IMG 0498                                                                        Looking back over Mona Vale and Basin Beaches
2017 11 10 Plus Peter R Vers1P1020353 32017 11 10 Plus Peter R Vers1P1020366
          Climbing up from Bungan Beach (left) and smiling after a well earned rest at the top (right)
2017 11 10 Plus Don W drone view of beach walkers                                                             A drone view of the walkers taken by one who opted to " take the high road"!  2017 11 10 Plus Peter R Vers1P1020376                                                                                                This one won't bite                                           
2017 11 10 Plus Don W looking south                                                                     

2017 11 10 Plus Barbara P1160321
           Newport Beach(above) and a rear view of the beach(right) from Bilgola Head

2017 11 10 Plus Barbara P1160324                                                                                         View of Avalon Beach and the recent rockfall
2017 11 10 Plus John B P11603252014 11 10 Plus Drina Waiting for the bus A
 A closer view of the huge roackfall (above) and some happy stragglers waiting for the bus (right)

Elaine E  and Dawn led eighteen others-John B, Chris B, David C, Rhondda, Lyndy, Kas, Robyn Ma, John M, Bert, Steve P, Pete and Bella, Barbara, Kurt, Drina, Don Wo and two visitors.

Photos by Barbara (2,7,9,17,19), Don Wo (1,3,4,8,15,18), Drina (5,10,11,21), John B (6,12,20), Peter R (13,14,16)

Words by Elaine E




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