Jul-Dec 2017

On a perfect calm day the group of 10 walkers  plus three leaders,  strolled along the Narrabeen Lake to cross to the North  Narrabeen Headland.

To start, what looked like a daunting number of steps actually was a very well graded steep climb.  Vantage points were rather restricted at the top, as a large area is cordoned off for fire-regeneration. Hard to know whether from controlled or deliberate fires.
An hour’s walk to Turimetta Head provided a perfect spot for morning tea, with views to the south, including the lake and stretches of beach and cliff faces.
The walk through bush was closed off for quite a stretch on account of rock falls. A local also warned us, even though the track was blocked off. She had just scrambled over some fallen rock!! Not a good idea, at all!
 Some street walking was  involved, but  we then emerged via a laneway to the open coast again, stunned by the amazing views of calm ocean, rugged cliffs and varied rock formations at sea level.
Continuing along to Warriewood, we were treated to the “performance” of a paraglider preparing, then taking off a few times from the open headland above Warriewood . Impressive pursuit, but several walkers expressed  less enthusiasm for such thrills.
 A short walk along the  beachfront lead to steep steps or, alternatively, a  walk up steps then a very steep hill. Some tried the steps, only to end up in a cul-de-sac leading nowhere. This entailed a downhill retreat half way down,  to meet the   “heart break hill “ to the top.  
All met up and  engaged in lots of discussion about the numerous  impressive houses of  varied designs. One marvels at construction  on hilly slopes.
Some street walking until the walk from Mona Vale Hospital, along side the golf course, looking splendidly green.  Along to M Vale beach front before a short beach wander to attempt the  climb to the heads.
Our adventurer, Claude was keen to walk around the heads at sea level!  Maybe tempting at very low tide, but  otherwise   NOT!
 As there is no shelter at top, it was decided to walk to the bus stop and return to Narrabeen Car park for lunch.  A wise decision!  Arriving at 12.30.p.m. was perfect for relaxing by the lake , so shallow and calm.  A lone rider was exercising his handsome piebald (I think is the term)
Pony in the lake. He could have been from the circus rigged up along the main road  in Narrabeen North.
The nearby coffee shop in Lake Park road  had us descend on it soon after. A lovely finish to a happy morning.

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160936

North Narrabeen Lake

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P11609422017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160939North Narrabeen Headland Lookout               Morning tea with views to the south.

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P11609462017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160944

            Leaving morning tea.                                                                                    Meeting up with Claude & Margaret at Turimetta Head but why only now we ask? (Don't ask!!)

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160948

A close look shows some surfers enjoying the calm seas.

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P11609552017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160953Arriving at Warriewood.                                                                                                                Barrie watching a paraglider, perhaps thinking 'Could I do that?'.

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160958

David E and Claude watching the paraglider. Claude thinking 'I used to do that.'.

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P11609632017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160960Anne R's photography skills in action, shooting the group watching the paraglider                                                                     .....enough of crinked necks, moving along.

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P11609642017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160965

 Above: Sign on the Bicentennial Walkway
and Right: Watching our steps on the steps

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160971

What a view!

2017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P11609752017 11 10 Reg Anne R IMG P1160977Horse rider at Narrabeen Lake for lunch                             Diana - no pen-so not a crossword.

 Leaders: Aileen, with first time leaders Lydia & Ida led Sue F, Barrie, Annette & David, Diana L, Lea, Claude & Margaret, Anne R, Jill.
Words by Aileen & Lydia
Photos by Anne R


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