Jul - Dec 2018


          2018 08 31 Regular Pete wisemans panorama P1050639                               The incomparable view of the Hawkesbury/MacDonald confluence - always different, and always gorgeous!

In ideal hiking conditions a happy group of 21 set out from Wisemans Ferry to explore a section of Dharug N.P. After crossing in the ferry we walked across the
historic Thomas James Bridge which was built by convict labour in 1830 and is the oldest in-use bridge on mainland Australia.
2018 08 31 Regular Pete Signage P1050606         2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA Start group 20180831 095718a
                              Fancy signs at the gate.............                                                                                        .....and eager walkers ready to start.
After passing some fancy signage we commenced the climb up the Convict-built Great Northern Road -   uphill but initially with moderate grades. We continued the climb 
and enjoyed the many interpretive panels along the way. This road has been declared part of Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property.
2018 08 31 Regular Pete Great North Road 1 P1050610   2018 08 31 Regular Pete Great North Road 2 P1050611   2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA manacles 20180831 100622
                                                 Easy walking on a well graded road, well maintained......                                              ..........but there are reminders of a difficult beginning.
   2018 08 31 Regular Pete GNR Stonework P1050613   2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA inspection party 20180831 102301   2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA Tool of the trade 20180831 101453
            Great stone work                                                                         An inspection party                                                  One of the tools of the trade
   2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA hanging hole 20180831 103659     2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA lader consulting overseer 20180831 100351
                                   Contemplating past atrocities at the hangman's rock                                                                                                      Leader in discussion with the overseer
After passing hangmans rock we made our morning tea stop at the Stockage.This was the site that held the "more troublesome convicts".
    2018 08 31 Regular Pete mt1 P1050623     2018 08 31 Regular Pete mt2 P1050626a
Lunch was enjoyed at a beautiful vantage point at Finchs Line Lookout. The track then continued to zigzag down a steep hill to link up with Wisemans Ferry Road. Two kilometres along the road brought us back to the ferry. This was a very welcome sight as we were now walking in the rain. We enjoyed coffee and a chat at Wisemans Ferry Village before heading home. 
   2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA dendrobium 20180831 124226    2018 08 31 Regular John G gymea lily IMG 9010   2018 08 31 Regular Pete Nice bush P1050637
       There was plenty of interesting flora to see - dendrobium,                                                                .......Gymea lillies.....                                                        ...Xanthorrhoea......
                  2018 08 31 Regular John G on the track IMG 9013           2018 08 31 Regular John G wisemans fery view IMG 9015
                                Good tracks to walk on (the rearguard of wise old men)                                                                                        Glimpses of Wisemans Ferry
   2018 08 31 Regular Pete lunch 2 P1050640      2018 08 31 Regular Pete lunch 1 P1050636      2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA lunch view 20180831 123249
                                                                                                            A really fabulous location for lunch!
   2018 08 31 Regular Chris McA descent 20180831 130552        2018 08 31 Regular John G wet on ferry IMG 9017
                    Down hill to the ferry - rain threatening.                                                                                                                 It was dry in the ferry, though!
            2018 08 31 Regular John G coffee IMG 9020           2018 08 31 Regular Pete coffee P1050649
                                                                                                                         The coffee place was really relaxing
Leaders were Annette and David.
David C, Rhondda, Elaine, Michael & Sue, John & Ros, Kas, Christine McA, John M, Steve & Jan, Margaret P, Pat, Bella & Peter, Don Wa, Jill, Pragati 

Photos: Pete (1,2,4,5,7,12,13,16,19,20,25); Chris McA (3,6,8,9,10,11,14,21,22); Ros G (15,17,18,23,24)


Margaret P, who was on the walk, sent me the following message, with an attached partial copy of an article from a very old newspaper, about her cousin who was the post mistress at Wisemans Ferry for very many years. Unfortunately, It does not seem possible to include the cutting in this report.

I understand you will be doing the walk report for yesterday’s Regular at Wisemans Ferry.   Thought it would be interesting for the group if you were able to attach the article above to the report.   Over coffee yesterday opposite the Wisemans ferry postoffice I pointed out a little bit of recent history regarding the postoffice and I have since  located this article in my filing cabinet.   The lady in the picture on the right,  Mrs Helen Andrews, now deceased, was my cousin (whom we called Aunty Helen) and she ran the little postoffice 24/7  ever since I was a little girl, until she died in her 90’s a few years back.    She was a real character of the area, everyone knew her and it was a treat to watch her operate the old switchboard on the wall, even having to put calls through in the middle of the night if required.   My parents took us children there many times from our home in Gosford.   She lived in the lovely federation style house attached to the postoffice.     Unfortunately I only have page 2 of the article and am not sure of the date of the article.    I know she received an award at some stage for her services to the community. 





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