Jul - Dec 2018

The planned Plus Walk of the 14th September had to be changed at a very late stage. Another walk based on public transport was needed, and the walk chosen was the Mt.Ku-Ring-Gai/Lyrebird Track to Berowra Station. This walk had been on the programme for the 24th August but was changed then at the last minute to avoid the Oxfam Run.

Walking down by Calna Creek showed us some lovely reflections in the water, where we found some rocks to sit upon for our morning tea. Don B was pleased to see the bridge at Calna Creek which had replaced the original log version. After a long uphill walk from Sam’s Creek we enjoyed lunch at Baa Nadu lookout with a great view of Berowra Creek.

Rhondda had the company of Ros G, Lyn, Don B, and Steve on this walk.

Words by Rhondda; photos by Ros G(1) and Steve(2,3,4)

                            2018 9 14 Plus Ros G group posed on new bridge                                                                                                                                        The group, less the photographer, posed on the smart new bridge   


    2018 9 14 Plus Steve reflections in Calna Creek        2018 9 14 Plus Steve the group less the other photographer                                            Reflections in Calna Creek                                                    The group, less the other photographer


2018 9 14 Plus Steve View from the track20180914 121711                                                                                       Scene seen after the climb!


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