Jul - Dec 2018

EZY walkers were looking a bit thin on the ground at the Pennant Hills bus stop, with two leaders and two walkers, but numbers improved when we arrived at Cumberland Forest itself to find another eight walkers waiting.

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the walk was described by leaders as a ‘four petals walk’ – nothing to do with the wildflowers – but a description of the four loop tracks in the forest that all radiate out from the central visitor centre/café/nursery. The description must have stuck, as walkers kept asking through the day how many petals, or half-petals, had been completed!
Weather-wise it was very pleasant – if warm – with a forecast maximum of 29°C and possible afternoon thunderstorms, none of which detracted from our walk threading through all the different areas of the forest. Some entertainment was provided by the ‘Treetops’ rope course set amongst the tall Hoop pines as clearly school holidays had come early for many, and kids large and small were tackling the various rope courses (suitably harnessed, of course).
In what may have been a first for Hill View, lunch was taken in the shade of a large shelter shed with cushioned seats – yes, you read right Regular and Plus walkers, cushioned seats!
Finishing on the last of the four ‘petals’ it was time for coffee in the pleasant surroundings of the very busy Café Saligna (Sydney Blue Gum – Eucalyptus saligna – get it?) in the visitor centre. And then it was short stroll back to the forest entrance and home.

The winning answer to the quiz question (for which there was no prize)
Q: What is a super-foot of timber?
A: The volume of timber equivalent to a piece of timber 12” long x 12” wide x 1” high. There being no prize awarded was justified on the grounds that the winner DonWo looked it up on Google.
And by way of explanation, we were all looking at a mighty Blackbutt tree (Eucalyptus pilularis) on our walk and pondering the volume of timber it might produce if milled. Hill View walks are nothing if not educational!

2018 09 28 EZY DonWo Briefing
At the start - a briefing given, all but one ready to go. One last task, to pose for the Official Photo.

2018 09 28 EZY HelenA 20180928 1107562018 09 28 EZY HelenA 20180928 110817DonWo, the centre of the action, solving the Quiz the easy way.

2018 09 28 EZY HelenA 20180928 1132522018 09 28 EZY HelenA 20180928 112355

2018 09 28 EZY DonWo luxury accommodation croppedTop left and right:
'Treetops' rope course in a Hoop Pine Araucaria cunninghamii forest.
A Sydney Blue Gum Eucalyptus saligna still stands unmolested.

At left:
The photographer labelled this image 'luxury accommodation'.
Maybe one possum in Sydney does not sleep in a suburban roof cavity.

2018 09 28 EZY HelenA 20180928 112917 cropped2018 09 28 EZY HelenA 20180928 114857fa2018 09 28 EZY HelenA 20180928 115103f2018 09 28 EZY HelenA 20180928 111635 cropped

2018 09 28 EZY Ros IMG 9104
After lunch, enjoyed whilst seated on padded cushions, ready for the last one and a half petals.

2018 09 28 EZY Ros IMG 9102

Leaders: Ros and John
Walkers: The Helens A & L, Sue & Andy, Lea, Margret, Robyn & Rex, RosemaryW and DonWo.
FirstAiders: Ros and DonWo. HelenA was tail-end Charlie.

Words: John
Photos: DonWo (1, 6), HelenA(2-5, 7-10), Ros (11,12).


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