Jul - Dec 2018

'Kath has been walking with the group for longer than any other person. Her first walk was on 6th March 1984' - Don Wo's 'Hill View Bushwalkers2'. 
2018 10 06 LSW Kathy 43198613 1015736On Saturday 6th October this year Kath, back row 3rd from left, celebrated her 90th birthday, and amongst the party guests were some of her walking companions.


Put off by bleak forecasts? Worried about getting wet? No! Not the Social Legends!
Eight of us caught the ferry to Watsons Bay. We wandered over the parkland on not-too-damp grass (surprisingly) and had no trouble at all finding an empty table where we could have lunch. With much talking, photograph viewing and taking we dined happily and completely until a chilly wind decided to blow a light shower towards us. At this point we adjourned to the nearby coffee shop for the compulsory beverage.
After another ferry ride to Circular Quay we set off home as dry as a bone - OK, we were a little wind-blown, but cheerful.

2018 10 12 LSW HelenA 20181012 1124032018 10 12 LSW HelenA 20181012 120636aAbove:The first arrivals at Circular Quay. 
Left: Warnings at Rose Bay,and as the Harbour flags were at half-mast for someone who fell off a boat yesterday, these warnings have value.
2018 10 12 LSW HelenA 20181012 112318
2018 10 12 LSW Kathy 43952706 1015738Below: Safely landed at Rose Bay wharf.

2018 10 12 LSW HelenA 20181012 1250482018 10 12 LSW HelenA 20181012 121342Nice to see open ground with avenues of Port Jackson Figs providing the wind breaks.Our empty lunch bench was adjacent to the fig trees.

2018 10 12 LSW HelenA 20181012 124741 1246002018 10 12 LSW HelenA 20181012 124647Kath's birthday_cont_ Lyn explains that the candle holder is special - her's since childhood. And used only for Lyn's family and special people turning 90. Despite the wind, Kath kept the flame alight for long enough to make a wish.

2018 10 12 LSW Kathy 44085537 1015738'A chilly wind decided to blow a light shower towards us.'
No matter what, some HVBers always have something left to talk about.

For the record:
Walkers: Kath, Liz, Jean McD, Margaret D, Helen A and 1 visitor.
Leaders: Mary and Lyn
Words: Lyn

Photos: Visitor Kathy(1, 5, 11), Helen A(2-4, 6-10).

1Before her work intervened, Kathy was a 2nd generation HVB walker.
2Members who log in can read Don Wo's History under the Ábout Us'tab.

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