Stand A – the place to be! Two leaders plus one walker who gathered at Turramurra Station found their way to Stand A for the 324 bus, and were delighted to have another three walkers join them there. After a slow bus trip through Sydney’s congested streets, we trooped off at Christison Park.
2018 10 19 EZY recce SueS 20180719 1632402018 10 26 EZY Lilian IMG 4054aJust across the road from the bus stop there is a marvellous establishment by the name of The Grumpy Baker, so of course we needed to revive ourselves after that arduous bus trip. We found that the staff were not in the least grumpy, although the baker himself had presumably been up since 3am and well might have been. But we did not meet him.


2018 10 19 EZY recce SueS 20180719 101133From there we made a short detour to the local cemetery, where a number of well-know Sydney-siders are buried – along with a huge number of lesser knowns. Notable among the graves and monuments we saw was one for Sir Roden and Lady Cutler. Although quite recent, the relatively unkempt feeling at this site is an indication of how quickly physical memorials to our rich and famous are forgotten.
2018 10 26 EZY DonWo Russian Orthodox crossAn interesting bit of information was provided by Jim, who noted the Russian Orthodox cross engraved in plaques in the Russian section. This cross, apparently rarely seen in Australia but ubiquitous in Russia, has three cross pieces. The top short one represents the sign on which the name of the victim was placed; the main cross piece is the same as the one we are familiar with, and the lower one at an angle across the vertical piece is where the feet were placed.


2018 10 26 EZY Lilian IMG 4067The wind was southerly and quite strong, and the non-Pacific Ocean was pocked with white horses. Nevertheless, there were whale-watching boats on the job – no doubt with a few passengers leaning over the transom. None of our group saw any whales.

2018 10 26 EZY DonWo whale watching


2018 10 26 EZY SueS flora 20181026 1127132018 10 26 EZY SueS flora 20181026 1209312018 10 26 EZY SueS flora 20181026 154930Old Coastal Banksia, Banksia integrifolia surviving against the elements; Hibertia Hibertia scandens; Kunzia Kunzia ambigua.


At the Macquarie Lighthouse, new and useful signage told us that the original lighthouse (replacing fires that were lit at night) was designed by Francis Greenway and completed in 1818. By the 1880s the sandstone was crumbling and an almost identical replacement was designed by James Barnet and completed in 1883.
2018 10 19 EZY recce SueS 20180719 163918 CopycQueen Victoria still keeps watch from her perch above the main entrance.


2018 10 26 EZY Lilian IMG 4102A little further along, at the Marine Rescue Radio base, there is a plaque memorial to the signal flags that have flown there since the very early days of the settlement, and our knowledgeable Jim was again able to add to our historical knowledge.

2018 10 26 EZY Lilian IMG 4103

There is a plaque commemorating the introduction of a system of flag signalling, and the arrival of the Bellona on 15 January 1793 as the first vessel to use the new system. Jim’s wife is a descendant of the Rose family, who were on the Bellona. Their name is still part of the Sydney scene, with Rose Hill and some other places named after them.1


2018 10 26 EZY DonWo Cliff gap across the path from D R wallWe wandered along the path past The Gap,
2018 10 26 EZY DonWo approaching The Gap
and noted the plaque and memorial wall commemorating Don Ritchie.
2018 10 26 EZY DonWo Don Ritchie plaqueThis kind man lived just across the road from The Gap, and saved 160 people from death by persuading them to give up their suicide jump.

The view of the cliff gap across the path from the DR wall is spectacular.


2018 10 26 EZY SueS flora 20181026 154022b2018 10 26 EZY SueS flora 20181026 1542502018 10 26 EZY SueS flora 20181026 1544352018 10 26 EZY SueS flora 20181026 154531
Coastal Banksia Banksia integrifolia; Coastal Bansia .... seed pods; Lomandra; Sydney Golden Wattle Acacia longifolia


2018 10 26 EZY SueS 20181026 130502 0012018 10 26 EZY SueS 20181026 125132 CopyaOur day finished with lunch by the waterfront at Watsons Bay wharf,
2018 10 26 EZY DonWo ferry ride to cityand a pleasant ferry trip back to the city

2018 10 26 EZY SueS 1853766879 20181026 115656 1767194 resized 1FOR THE RECORD

Sue S and Don Wo led Jim, Marilyn, Lilian and Diana.
Words by Don, flower captions by Sue.

Photos by Sue S(1, 3, 7-10, 16-21, 23), Lilian (2, 6, 11, 12), Don Wo(4, 5, 10 insert,13-15, 22)

1In stern fact 'The fortified camp was named Rose Hill in honour of George Rose, who was a British politician and member of Parliament. Rose had helped influence the process which led to Phillip's appointment as leader of the colony.' -
Wikipedia and our own President Kurt giving a talk on one of our walks.-Ed.