Fourteen walkers met at the Clarence Station (the top station of the Zig-Zag Railway near Lithgow). After pausing to wish President Kurt ‘Happy Birthday’, and eat half of his cake, three car-loads travelled 30km along Glow Worm Tunnel Road to the start of the Noble Canyon Track.

2018 11 09 PlusWalk Bert birthdaycake 110004 resized 32018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina Clarence Station 2

The track wanders passed immense Pagoda Rock formations, tree ferns and eucalypts shedding copious quantities of branches and bark. We left our bags and explored the canyon proper, returned to reclaim our bags and make our way upward, frequently with help offered and received, to the lunch spot on top of the escarpment overlooking Wolgan Valley.
2018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina Tree art 22018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina What is it 2
                                               What is it?                                                                                                                                   Tree Art

2018 11 09 PlusWalk Lyndy HeadingdownNoblesCanyon2 114432 22018 11 09 PlusWalk Lyndy HeadingdownNoblesCanyon 114317 3                                                                                                                                                      Heading down into Nobles Canyon
2018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina In Nobles Canyon 2                                                                                                                         ........and in Nobles Canyon
2018 11 09 PlusWalk AnneR Walking through the canyonP1230944 Copy 22018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina One of the descents 2                              One of the descents into the canyon                                                                  Walking through the canyon                                                      2018 11 09 PlusWalk AnneR Negotiating an obstacle in the canyonP1230946 32018 11 09 PlusWalk AnneR Another view in the canyonP1230948 3                                                                Another view in the canyon                                                                            Negotiating an obstacle in the canyon                                
2018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS unnamedraretreesinNoblesCanyon 0629152018 11 09 PlusWalk AnneR Nobles Canyon from aboveP1230955 Copy 2

                     Nobles Canyon from above                                                                                       Unnamed rare trees in Nobles Canyon

2018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina relief to be down 2                                                                                                               Relief to be down again!

Flowers from Nobles Canyon part of the walk and named by Sue S

2018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS woolyseeds 0640362018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS redsepals 063331                                                                   Red sepals of Calytrix tetragona
2018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS teatree 061707                                                            Tea-tree Leptospermum sp                                                                                   Woolly seeds of Drumsticks Isopogon anethifolias
2018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS largewedgepea 0616362018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS streakedrockorchid 214510 2

         Streaked Rock Orchid Dendrobium striolatum (Dockrillia striolata)                                                   Large Wedge Pea Gompholobium grandiflorum
2018 11 09 PlusWalk Lyndy LunchlookingoverWolganValley 132251 22018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina Lunch2018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina Wolgan Valley 2
                                                                                   Lunch overlooking Wolgan Valley                                                                    
2018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina Back to cars after canyon2018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina Facing yet another descent
                                           Facing yet another descent!                                                           Walking back to the cars
Then it was back to the cars, and a short trip to the old railway track of which the Glow Worm Tunnel is a part. We used torches to navigate the rather uneven tunnel floor, pausing every so often to turn off the torches and eventually obey the leaders’ requests for ‘Quiet!’. The glow worms were plentiful, and obligingly glowed. Exiting the tunnel, we walked for some distance along a sunny track bordered by green ferns in their hundreds, with tall rocks rising behind the ferns.
2018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS ourwarningNPWS 070110 32018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS ontherighttrackNPWS 065014 3
                             On the right track!

2018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS oldNatParkshand routedwoodensign 070636 3
                     Our instructions  -  an old National Parks hand-routed wooden sign from the '70s which was lying on the ground.........and our warning
2018 11 09 PlusWalk Drina group entering glow worm cave                                                                        Group entering Glow Worm Tunnel .....photographer Drina missing
2018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS MartinamongsttheRoughorBlackFernTrees 0702472018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS Reflectionslightattheendofthetunnel 070044 4

                                         Reflections  -  'light at the end of the tunnel'                                        Martin amongst Rough or Black Fern Trees Cyathea australis
2018 11 09 PlusWalk SueS Rufous FantailRhipidura rufifrons from Wikipedia 32018 11 09 PlusWalk AnneR RufousFantailsnear the Glowworm TunnelP1230964 Copy 3
                                      A group of flitting Rufous Fantails                                                               Rufous Fantail Rhipidura rufifrons from Wikipedia (SueS)

Once more to the cars, a return to Clarence Station (and a sight of brumbies on the way) and the remains of Kurt’s cake, and home. Some stopped for a meal before journeying down the Great Western Highway to Sydney.
These above words are written by a walker, not a leader, so it can be said that it was a great walk. ‘You can organize a trip to the Kimberleys, and spend money and time, but you won’t see anything better that what we have seen today.’ – another walker.”

2018 11 09 PlusWalk Bert Brumbies 174925 resized 3 

President Kurt celebrated a birthday, and Vice-President Clive baked and decorated a cake. All agreed that the cake was delicious and that Kurt, fresh back from a holiday abroad, didn’t look 68 years old, let alone 78. Kurt said, ‘thank you’ and it made him reconciled to turning his true age, 76.

Leaders: Clive and Celia.
Walkers: Helen A, Anne G, Martin, Lyndy, Bert, Barbara, Anne R, Jenny S, Kurt, Sue S, Lyn and Drina.
First-aiders: Lyndy and Kurt.
Tail-end Charlies: variously Barbara, Anne G and Bert.
Words: Helen A

Photos by Drina (1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 14, 20, 22-24, 28)  Bert (2, 32) Lyndy (6, 7, 21), Anne R (9-12, 31) Sue S (13, 15-19) 25-27, 29, 30)