Jul - Dec 2018

We enjoyed our ferry ride to Olympic park Wharf and had a quiet walk along the edge of the river to Newington Armoury. After morning tea, some brave souls played on the Flying Fox in the very clever Park. We had been hoping to have a walk around the Armoury but unfortunately it is only open on weekends, so we walked quietly back to the Louis Sauvage Track and looped back to the wharf. Lunch was at the Wharf and then back to town on the Ferry, which seemed more agreeable on such a lovely day than a bus ride.

2018 11 09 EZY Robyn M 01 morning tea Medium 2                                                                                                                    Morning Tea by the river
2018 11 09 EZY Robyn M 02 flying fox fun Medium                                                                                         The HVB spirit-forever young, Robyn M has some flying fox fun!
2018 11 09 EZY Robyn M 03 Newington Armoury Small2018 11 09 EZY Robyn M 04 Newington Armoury Small
                                                                                                                                        Views at Newington Armory
2018 11 09 EZY Robyn M 05 Melaleuca flowers Small                                                                                                                                Melaleuca in full flower

Walkers; Margaret B and Aileen led five others; John M, Lawrie, Robyn M, Barrie and Dot .

Photos: Robyn M (1,3,4,5), Margaret B(2)

Words:Margaret B


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