Jul - Dec 2018
In pleasant conditions - cloud cover but no rain, the end of the year was celebrated in tradional fashion.
In the large pavillion at Bobbin Head, members and guests talked, shared nibbles and sweets and barbecued. Most later had coffee at the Bobbin Head Inn.

President Kurt gave a brief report, in which he spoke of the huge contribution that Jill and Deidre have made to the Club over many years.These sentiments were very warmly endorsed by all present.

Photographer Don Wo worked tirelessly, and as sweets were handed around, finally could say 'I think I got everyone'. You did indeed 'get us all' Don. Thank you, and in this report we will follow you and your camera.
10:46am  - 11:08am
2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1046 anne claude margaret2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1046 elaine lynn jean jill    
                     On the left: Anne R, Claude and Margaret. And on the right: Elaine, Lyn, Jean McD and Jill.
2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1048 aileen rosemary s mr j2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1048 kurt at work                                   Aileen, Rosemary S and visitor Les are relaxed whilst President Kurt checks his report notes. (You have plenty of time Kurt.)

2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1048 margret w lillian rex2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1049 rhondda                                    First to the barbeques were Margret, Lilian and Rex with Rhondda comandeering the second plate.

2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1049 dawn2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1049 margaret b                                                               Dawn and Margaret B.
2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1050 elizabeth p mr m marlyn m2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1053 bert2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1050 wendy celia                                       Elizabeth, visitor Silas, and Marilyn. Bert fancies some dip. Wendy C and Celia.
2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1054 kevin rosemary s2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1055 elaine peter cherry2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1101 barb sue s ailen vreni            Kevin and Rosemary give their attention. Elaine chats with Peter L and Cherry. Barbara and Sue S work; probably Aileen and Vreni have already done their bit.

2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1102 robyn rex2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1104 martin elaine2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1105 peter l john m
Robyn and Rex,Martin and Elaine, Peter L and John M.

2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1104 don b mary barrie2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1106 christine wendy sue michael
                    Don B chats to Mary and Barrie. Christine McA, Wendy P, Sue and Michael may have arrived later than some, but they know what to unpack first.
2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1106 dot2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1108 don b nick2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1108 elaine anne g
Dot, Don B and Nick are relaxed. Elaine and Anne G are chatting over a hot plate.

11:12am - 11.22am
2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1112 empty tables2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1122 annette2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1122 michael f peter t
Empty tables-not many ready to sit down and eat. Annette prepares a healthy serve. Michael and Peter T may have swapped the cooking duties for the washing up.
2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1159 hvb at lunchHVB at lunch.

2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1208 kurt s mrs s helen a2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1212 diana sue s
                           Kurt with wife Linda and walker Helen A. Walkers Diana and Sue S.

2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1213 clive bert celia marg p don woFacing the camera: Bert (standing), Clive, Celia, Margaret P and the man himself, Don Wo.

2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1216 the pavillion2018 11 16 BBQ donwo 1237 which car is which
Photographer Don bows out with two external shots: The Pavillion; And if you want to paddle before the BBQ you must drive a Subaru.

12:40pm - 12:43pm
2018 11 16 BBQ HelenA 20181116 124329 med cropped2018 11 16 BBQ HelenA 20181116 124053 med2018 11 16 BBQ HelenA 20181116 124211 med
All day people handed around plates to share. Lilian, Christine McA and Sue F were some who proffered desert.
For the record:
The early morning paddlers were Sue S and Barbara.
Those barbequing were Helen A, Nick, Margaret B, Don B, Barrie, Wendy C, Rhondda, Elaine, Annette, Michael and Sue, Anne G, Mary, Martin, Aileen and visitor Les, Celia, Lilian, Cherry and Peter, Diana and visitor Silas, Dot, Christine McA, Jean McD, Dawn, John M, Rex and Robyn, Bert, Marilyn, Claude and Margaret, Elizabeth, Wendy P, Barbara, Anne R, Kurt and visitor Linda, Vreni, Kevin and Rosemary, Sue S, Lyn, Peter T, Margret, Jill and Don Wo.

Photos: Don Wo (1-28, 30, 31), Claude (29), Helen A (32-34).

S5 Box