Jul-Dec 2019

What wonderful weather for our Cronulla Reserves walk today ! Eighteen walkers happily set off on their train journey to Cronulla where we were met by four more walkers. Following a short walk from the station we found ourselves at Cronulla Beach. Cronulla is derived from kurranulla meaning “place of pink seashells” in the dialect of the area’s Aboriginal inhabitants, the Dharawal people.

It was a delightful walk along The Esplanade, a comfortable footpath all the way to the southern tip of the Cronulla Peninsula following the shoreline. Passing Shelly Beach, we walked onto Oak Park Beach where we stopped for morning tea where we overlooked a crystal clear ocean and the Nun’s Pool where local Nun’s once bathed. We continued on to Bass and Flinders Point. We spent time reading the memorial to Matthew Flinders, George Bass and the “Boy Martin” who sailed past this headland in Tom Thumb 11 on March 30th 1796 and discovered and named Port Hacking. Walkers also took time to read the interpretive signs on the adventures of George Bass and Matthew Flinders. From this Point there were wonderful views across Port Hacking to the Royal National Park, Bundeena and Jibbon Beach. Bass and Flinders Point Reserve is a Littoral Rainforest which contains a rich diversity of native plant species, with over one hundred species recorded, including listed threatened species Villous Mint Bush Prostanthera densa and Magenta Lilly Pilly Syzygium paniculatum.

Leaving the footpath we walked through Darook Park and onto a small beach. Unfortunately, the tide was high so we weren’t able to walk along the sandy foreshore from Darook Park to Gunnamatta Park. Instead it was a short road walk into Gunnamatta Park and lunch. Gunnamatta, meaning “sandy hills” was the name given in 1899 to the entire Cronulla area. In 1908, the area was renamed Cronulla and Gunnamatta was retained as the name of the bay.

The day wouldn’t be complete without the end of the walk coffee! The majority of walkers enjoyed the ambience of Anna’s Shop Around The Corner a café and second book shop whilst the overflow were at the coffee shop next door.

 2019 07 19 EZYReg Don Wo 01leader gathering her troops rom the train2019 07 19 EZYReg Don Wo 02beach briefing                                                         Leader Gathering Her Troops From The Train                                                                                Beach Briefing

 2019 07 19 EZYReg Lillian IMG 73982019 07 19 EZYReg Lillian IMG 74172019 07 19 EZYReg Lillian IMG 7457

 2019 07 19 EZYReg Susan C P11003492019 07 19 EZYReg Susan C P1100351

 2019 07 19 EZYReg Susan C P11003552019 07 19 EZYReg Susan C P1100362

 2019 07 19 EZYReg Don Wo 04two photographers2019 07 19 EZYReg Lyndy IMG 20190719 124824                                       
                             Two Photographers                                                                                Rosemary  (aka:Reminiscent Of Copenhagen's Little Mermaid)

 2019 07 19 EZYReg Lillian IMG 74242019 07 19 EZYReg Lillian IMG 74262019 07 19 EZYReg Lillian IMG 7448
 2019 07 19 EZYReg Don Wo 07group at baass and flinders point                                                                                                                                                                        Group At Bass And Flinders Point

 2019 07 19 EZYReg Lyndy IMG 20190719 1142582019 07 19 EZYReg Don Wo 06greyhound in lycra                                  
              Our Beautiful Feathered Friends                                                      Greyhound In Lyrcra

 2019 07 19 EZYReg Lyndy IMG 20190719 1137532019 07 19 EZYReg Lyndy IMG 20190719 1150592019 07 19 EZYReg Lyndy IMG 20190719 120629 1
                     Picture Perfect At Cronulla                            Beautiful Gardens Along The Walk                         Lilian Inviting Other HVB Walkers Into Her Home


Deidre and Kas led twenty walkers: Susan and Maurice, Tim and Lydia, Sue and Michael, Sue and Andy, Lilian, Lyndy, John M, Marilyn, Jan and Steve, Dennis, Rosemary and Kevin, Don Wo and third time walker and soon to be new member, Bronwyn and one visitor.

First Aiders: Lyndy and Maurice who was also Tail End Charlie. Thank you, Lyndy and Maurice!

Photographers:  Don (1,2,10,12,14), Lilian (3,4,5,18,19,20), Lyndy (11,13,15,16,17), Susan (6,7,8,9)

Words by Deidre









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