Jul-Dec 2019


                             2019 07 26 Plus hazel startling view from top P1810495     2019 07 26 Plus hazel warning P1810498                                                                                                         WHERE WE WENT!                                                              WHAT WE FACED!

Evans Lookout saw our 9 walkers assembled for the somewhat daunting walk ahead. Our leaders provided serious warnings about the need for extreme care with footing as the descent on the Horse Track proved steep, slippery and, at times, seemingly endless. Several pairs of knees felt the strain. The rewards were superb views through very healthy bush and a beautiful morning tea spot on Greaves Creek.

                        2019 07 26 Plus hazel group ready to start P1810507          2019 07 26 Plus hazel walker with back to view P1810510                                                                                                                                                                                         Ready to start

                        2019 07 26 Plus steve morning tea greaves ck 20190726 111936           2019 07 26 Plus hazel greaves ck forest scene P1810515                                                                                                     Morning tea at Greaves Creek                                                                                                           Forest at Greaves Creek

The respite from steep trails was short before we faced the return climb via the Rodriguez Gap track. This was tough, steady climbing with numerous stops for water and views. Beauchamp Falls, a series of cascades with a decent amount of flow, was especially photogenic. We eventually reached the junction with the Grand canyon track, a welcome sight, then continued back up to Evans Lookout through a truly spectacular gorge thronged with giant tree ferns.  A few of the walkers at the rear even had the bonus of seeing a lyre bird, albeit fleetingly.

                    2019 07 26 Plus Wendy C photographer at work IMG 2853       2019 07 26 Plus hazel twisted tree P1810539      2019 07 26 Plus hazel a bit cramped IMG 5620                                                                                     Photgrapher at work                                      Bitter and twisted tree                                                 Cramped walking conditions

2019 07 26 Plus nick lunch IMG 1710                                                                                                                             Lunch - a welcome resting place

                       2019 07 26 Plus nick beauchamp falls IMG 1713           2019 07 26 Plus nick group resting at b falls IMG 1714                                                                                                Beauchamp Falls.........                                                 ......another good resting spot

                         2019 07 26 Plus hazel on the way up IMG 5655             2019 07 26 Plus Wendy C on way home IMG 2864                                                                                                                                                                                                          The final slog up the hill through the ferns

Everyone faced this challenging walk with great enthusiasm and perseverance and all agreed that it had been a memorable day

Clive and Claude led Steve, Nick S, Lyndy, Celia, Polly, Wendy C and Hazel.
Words: Steve
Photos: Steve (5); Nick (10,11,12); Wendy (7,13); Hazel (1,2,3,4,6,8,9,14).

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