On a cloudy but pleasant cool morning 16 walkers set off from Mt Ku-ring-ai station to make the steep and rugged descent through Lyrebird Gully to Calna Creek.
Morning tea was enjoyed at the Calna Creek bridge after the strenuous descent with leaders narrowly avoiding a walker “revolt” due to the late timing of the fuel stop. Sorry guys but there was just no previous spot open and dry enough to sit!! 
After enjoying the view from the bridge we followed boardwalks across the saltmarsh towards Sams Creek. A steep ascent of mostly well maintained steps followed.   Lunch was enjoyed half-way up the climb prior to the ridge and firetrail leading to the final ascent to Crowley Road at Berowra.
Coffee at the Wise Monkey prior to boarding the train at Berowra station proved a “wise” move where all agreed it was indeed a really good day and lovely to have just been “in the bush” not far from city life for almost the entire walk.

2019 08 02 Plus ChristineMcA 20190802 094819                       15 walkers, with a space for ChristineMcA at the sandstone crossing of Lyrebird Gully Creek.

2019 08 02 Plus PeterT 20190802 1039542019 08 02 Plus MargaretP IMG 89282019 08 02 Plus ChristineMcA 20190802 101151bObstacles in the creek and beside the creek. And a special shout out for Elaine E, 85 this year and quite in control in the thick of it all.

2019 08 02 Plus PeterT 20190802 110154Across the salt marsh into a casuarina forest.

2019 08 02 Plus PeterT 20190802 1422272019 08 02 Plus PeterT 20190802 112251
The bridge over Calna Creek. Or rather, 3 bridges over Calna Creek.

2019 08 02 Plus ChristineMcA 20190802 111958                                            Calna Creek as seen from the bridge.

2019 08 02 Plus PeterT 20190802 1220282019 08 02 Plus PeterT 20190802 1329182019 08 02 Plus PeterT 20190802 132936The track up from Sams Creek. Great variety. The centre and right photos were taken at the same time, down to the second. (Pinnate Boronia Boronia pinnata .) 

2019 08 02 Plus Hazel GOPR5649 22019 08 02 Plus Hazel G1225651Leader Margaret enjoys the climb.                                                                                              Everyone, except Hazel, all smiles,resting near the top.

For the record:
2 Leaders: Margaret and Claude
14 Followers: Clive, Polly, Elaine E, Christine McA, Hazel, Bert, Steve, Wendy P, Pragati, Nick S, Peter T and 1st time visitor Jenny.

Words: Margaret
Photos: Christine McA(1,4,8); Peter T(2,5,6,7,9,10); Margaret P (3), Hazel(12,13).