Jul-Dec 2019

What was the best bit of the walk?......the stunning reflections between Fullers Bridge and DeBurghs Bridge?; the birds in full song near Browns Waterhole?; the Bennets Wallaby showing no fear of us?; the foretaste of the spring wildflower display?; the perfect weather for walking?; or was it our appreciation of those who had set aside this corridor of urban bushland. Our twenty walkers felt privileged to be able to enjoy it.

2019 08 16 Plus Drina 8. Group photo                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Plus Group

2019 08 16 Plus Drina 12019 08 16 Plus Peter T 20190816 081636
             Mary Giving Us A History Of The Area

2019 08 16 Plus Anne R12801512019 08 16 Plus Anne R1280151                         
                                          Proceeding Along A Rail

2019 08 16 Plus Sue S 20190816 093937                                                                                                                                                                                       A Pleasant Morning Tea Amongst The Rocks

2019 08 16 PlusWalk Deidre ReflectionsonLaneCoveRiver 0900172019 08 16 Plus Peter T 20190816 102243
                                                                                                                         Reflections On Lane Cove River
2019 08 16 Plus Peter T 20190816 085907                                                                                        

2019 08 16 Plus Drina 11. Lunch 32019 08 16 Plus Drina 12. Crossing over stepping stones                                                                                            Lunch                                                                                                                Crossing Over Stepping Stones

"Over 23 varieties of wildflowers were spotted on our track. Sue shared a good reference for local flower indentification "       www.friendsoflanecovenationalpark

2019 08 16 Plus Sue S 20190811 1122372019 08 16 Plus Sue S 20190816 171625wflower snip sue s 
  Hakea sericea 'Bushy Needlebush'                     Boronia ledifolia 'Sydney Boronia'

An interesting piece of information also shared on our walk was that the name Boronia honours Francesco Borone (1769 - 1794), an Italian naturalist and plant collector.
Borone fell to his death while assisting botanist Dr. John Sibthorp in Greece with plant collecting.
A warning to all HVB photographers eh?!!!

2019 08 16 Plus Sue S 20190816 1709112019 08 16 Plus Sue S 20190817 1522392019 08 16 Plus Sue S 20190816 170803
                         Green seed pods of Persoonia pinifolia                             Lasiopetalum ferrugineum                     Grevillea linearifolia was amongst 2 other grevillea                                                                                                                                             Rusty Velvet Bush                                   on the track being G. buxifolia and G. sericea

2019 08 16 Plus Anne R12801752019 08 16 Plus Anne R Snow wreath2019 08 16 Plus Drina 13
                                 Bridal Daisy Bush                                                                       Snow Wreath                                                 Tall Tree Ferns


Leaders Mary and Sue S led Chris B, Sue B, Polly, Elaine, Libby, Kas, Hazel, Margaret P, Barbara R, Guenter, Anne R, Kurt, Deidre, Lyn, Drina, Peter T, Don W and Visitor Trudie.

Thank you to Drina for acting 1st Aider, to Kurt who wore the hats of 1st Aider and also Tail End Charley.

Photos By:   Anne R.(5,19,20 ), Deidre ( 7),  Drina (1,2,4,10,11,21), Peter T.( 3,8,9),  Sue S. (6,12,13,14,15,16,17,18)

Words By:  Mary - Leader Report.        Sue S. - Wild Flower Identification and Notes.









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