Jul-Dec 2019

It was a beautiful day as eleven walkers gathered at Summer Hill to walk to Iron Cove Bay. After admiring some of the lovely old houses we entered Cadigal Reserve, where Anne presented a history of the Hawthorne Canal area.

2019 08 16 EZY RobynMi 03 building the canal2019 08 16 EZY RobynMi 08 the canal                             All hands working to build the canal in 1890,                                           and the canal in 2019.

We then walked along the canal. After passing Taverner’s Hill we stopped to admire the splendid mosaic in the Lords Road pedestrian tunnel. Here we met a local man who was responsible for organising the Greenway Project to create a track from Iron Cove to the Cooks River at Dulwich Hill. He told us the fish in the mural were made by local school children and the panels were then completed by artists in a studio. On the other side of the tunnel was a mural depicting the history of the area.

2019 08 16 EZY RobynMi 01 Fish on mural2019 08 16 EZY Ray022019 08 16 EZY RobynMi 02 fish on mural

2019 08 16 EZY RobynMi 07 morning tea .


After crossing Marion Street we walked on the other side of the canal and had morning tea in the park beside Hawthorne Parade. Anne told us about the history of the area. Haberfield was the first garden suburb. It was created by Richard Stanton. There was a monument to him at the beginning of the park.


Next we crossed the canal again to walk through the leash free area.
Near Cafe Bones we stopped to look at the Street Library which had been made by local men at the Men’s Shed.

2019 08 16 EZY Ray132019 08 16 EZY Ray14                  Leader Robyn MI certainly stopped to admire the Street Library. Co-leader Anne G seems to be loitering, with what intent?,  around Cafe Bones.

We also stopped outside the Canal Road Film studio where Robyn gave a short talk.
Soon we reached Iron Cove, where we looked at plaques about the fishing fleet and the Apia Club. We had lunch at Leichhardt Park near the colonnades.
After lunch we walked to the light rail at Leichhardt North. We caught the light rail to Jubilee Park where we enjoyed coffee at the Tramshed.

2019 08 16 EZY Ray22
                                                                       It must be said that HVB walkers scrub up rather well.

For the record:
Robyn Mi and Anne G were followed by Rex, Bill T, Diana L, Lyndy, Margaret Bo, Martin, Dennis, Cherry and Ray.
Words: Robyn Mi
Photos: Robyn Mi (1,2,3,5,6), Ray(4,7,8), Ray's camera(9).

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