Jul-Dec 2019

A somewhat unbalanced group set out on a chilly morning - one male, accompanied by 12 females. The day eventually warmed up, as we made our way through the old farming district, with tall trees and gymea lilies, to the old cemetery, where we had morning tea. Then the track continued on to the Fairview homestead, now, sadly, fenced off and falling apart. Mary supplied some background history, and we had a good look around, admiring the remnant garden.
Return to the cemetery was timed for lunch, and a more detailed look at the historic gravestones. Then the final uphill, with one member managing to cadge a lift for the final 100 metres. Coffee was in the sun at the morning meeting place.

2019 08 23 Reg Lyndy 01                                                                 Setting off: _Tail_enders to the fore.

2019 08 23 Reg HelenA 20190823 1315382019 08 23 Reg DonWo rock overhang perhaps unstable2019 08 23 Reg DonWo survey points for rock stability perhapsThe amateur photographs a nice rock. And the geologist? '
Rock overhang, perhaps unstable' and 'stability points for rock stabilizing, perhaps'.

2019 08 23 Reg BarbaraC 20190823 102311 2 small2019 08 23 Reg DonWo walking among the wattleSome talkers in danger of being left behind.                                                                                                       And all walking amongst the wattle.


2019 08 23 Reg DonWo fresh fruit for plucking along the way2019 08 23 Reg BarbaraC 20190823 103739aVestiges of Europoean Settlement seen from the track.The fruit, when sampled, proved to be zesty lemons.

2019 08 23 Reg DonWo the lady in the pink shirt is the real estate agent                                            At 'Fairview' Homestead, the lady  in the pink shirt is the real estate agent.

2019 08 23 Reg DonWo homestead among the wattles2019 08 23 Reg DonWo wattle cliffs and grassGood selling points  are two vistas: One looking from the road to the homestead, the other part of the fair view from the front of the homestead to the valley.

2019 08 23 Reg HelenA 20190823 105929abb                                                                                    At the back, it's hard to find a positive spin.'Handy_man's delight.'?

2019 08 23 Reg DonWo sad cemetery2019 08 23 Reg BarbaraC 20190823 114600
A view of the cemetery  ....                                                                  .... and some waiting to get in.
(Return to the cemetery was timed for lunch, and a more detailed look at the historic gravestones.)

2019 08 23 Reg HelenA 20190823 131925The car trip:
Lyndy explains

'The ranger was very obliging and wanted to help.
But everyone was determined to complete the climb un-aided.
I felt sorry for the guy.'

2019 08 23 Reg HelenA 20190823 132448

It was tough work being the only male! 
2019 08 23 Reg HelenA 20190823 110959
  Walkers, led by Elaine E and Mary, were Helen A, Barbara C, Annette, Lyndy, Dawn, Margaret P, Elizabeth P, Pragati, Jenny, Lyn T, and Don Wo.

Lyndy was available for First Aid, and Pragati was tail ender.

Photos Lyndy (1), Helen A(2,12,15,16,17), Don Wo(3,4,6,7,9,10,11,13), Barbara C(5,8,14)

And a footnote from Margaret P:
'I have a family connection to a family buried in the Upper Mangrove Creek Cemetery:
  Alfred John Andrews: Born 16 Aug 1860 Died 6 Sept 1943 Aged 83 yrs
  Amanda Andrews (Wife) Born: 23 Aug 1862 Died 16 Apr 1944   Aged 81yrs*
  Maud Andrews (Daughter) Born 19Apr 1884 Died 24Jun1892 Aged 8yrs
As well as building 'the 'Fairview' homestead in 1922, Alfred and Amanda had 11 children in total, two of whom were sons Gordon and Herb Andrews. I knew both of them well. Gordon married my cousin Helen Drylie Patterson Ferguson and I saw Gordon and Herb occasionally at family gatherings.
Thank you Elaine and Mary for leading the walk.'

 * Well wishers spent time at her grave on her birthday

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