Jul-Dec 2019

We assembled early on a forecasted hot and windy day and decided to reverse the published direction of the walk on Clive's advice regarding the underfoot conditions on the Marramarra Ridge side and the tidal nature of a creek crossing following recent rain. The Smugglers' Ridge descent was without incident through attractive fire and bush trails down to Marramarra Creek.

The group opted for an additional 2K there and back to a NP camp site to take advantage of picnic table facilities, only to find campers in possession - logs had to substitute. The steep climb back to the cars via Marramarra Ridge was arduous and hot and prompted much debate as to the accuracy of the'250 metres' ascent and descent information on the program. Double that at least was the assessment... However, it was well worth it and all agreed the day had been excellent.

2019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 090434                                                                                                                    Leader Briefing At Marramarra National Park

2019 09 06 Plus Hazel                                                                                                        The Plus Walkers, Except Hazel Who Was Behind The Lens

2019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 112639 resized2019 09 06 Plus Peter T 20190906 105343

2019 09 06 Plus Hazel IMG 67022019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 112639 resized                                                                                    Spring Flowers At Our Spot For Morning Tea                                                                      Drumsticks Isopogon Anemonifolius 

2019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 161850 resized                                                                                                         We Came Across An Abandoned Orchard

2019 09 06 Plus Peter T 20190906 1109002019 09 06 Plus Peter T 20190906 112811
                                      Our Leader, Claude                                                                                          The Water Was Knee Deep Here For The Recce

2019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 115954 resized                                                                                                                                       Lunch Spot At Marramarra Creek

2019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 170734 resized2019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 170926 resized2019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 171053 resized
                       Red Spider Flower Grevillea Speciosa                                            Conospermum Longifolium               Large Wedge Pea Gompholobium Grandiflorum

2019 09 06 Plus Peter T 20190906 1305402019 09 06 Plus Sue S 20190906 161642 resized
                                                        The Long Final Assent

2019 09 06 Plus Peter T Map with Track                                                                                                                                                         GPS Track Of Our Walk

Leaders:            Steve and Claude.
Walkers:           Clive, Libby, Barbara C, Shiela P, Hazel, Polly, Martin, Guenter, Peter T, Pragati, Sue S,  Jenny C and visitor Michael.
First Aid and Tail End Charlie: Clive.
Photographers:   Hazel (2,5), Peter T (4,8,9,14,16), Sue S (1,3,6,7,10,11,12,13,15










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