Jul-Dec 2019

We met at the carpark of the Lady Game Drive entrance in Lane Cove National Park, all 24 of us, ready to walk on a perfect spring day. We made our way under Fuller’s Bridge and up the track that led us firstly through Fairylands, once a pleasure park. After more climbing than some were expecting, we made our way under the Epping Highway to Magdala Park, where we stopped for some morning tea.

We then moved on through Sugarloaf Hill as far as Buffalo Creek Reserve, once a rubbish tip, but now a lovely picnic area with sporting field and children’s play equipment. Along the track we saw some wildflowers starting to bloom, also some rather different types of fungi. We passed through wetlands and mangroves and chatted happily as we returned to Magdala Park for lunch, now with lots of school children enjoying their sports.

Our 24 walkers were VERY well behaved, thankfully also very careful, so no need for our first-aiders Ros & Don Wo to use their skills. I promised to make mention of two stray walking poles, if you need to know the details Anne R and Margaret can fill you in…

We made our way back to Fuller’s Bridge via Mowbray Park and then enjoyed coffee and Korean treats at the Lane Cove National Park Cafe, a fun day indeed!

2019 09 06 Reg Pete P1000856
                        At track head, waiting for two who chose public transport.

2019 09 06 Reg Drina 7. Negotiating stairs2019 09 06 Reg Drina 8. Rescuing Annes stick from the water
Before morning tea :       Negotiating one of the many descents.                             A pause whilst Pete, hat and shoulders centre foreground, retrieves Anne R's stick

2019 09 06 Reg Pete P10008952019 09 06 Reg Pete P1000876
Tail-end-Charlie John G and leader Wendy P (bare headed) oversee the pedestrians crossing ...                         and co-leader Drina keeps watch at lunch time.

2019 09 06 Reg Lilian IMG 8055a2019 09 06 Reg DonWo waitng to start again after lunch at magdala park lores2019 09 06 Reg Lilian IMG 8075a
And those the leaders led? Whether on one of the tracks or waiting to leave Magdala Park after lunch, any opportunity to stop and chat.


2019 09 06 Reg Drina 9. Red flower2019 09 06 Reg Drina 1R Purple Flower2019 09 06 Reg Drina 2R Grevillea2019 09 06 Reg AnneR P1280264 Copy
Red Spider Flower Grevillea speciosa;    Purple Coral Pea Hardenbergia violacea; Grey Spider Flower Grevillea buxifolia;    Waratah Telopea speciosissima

2019 09 06 Reg Drina 12. Bee collecting honey2019 09 06 Reg DonWo Bees feasting on pincushion hakea lores
Bees feasting on Common Aotus Aotus ericoides                                               and on  Bushy Needlebush Hakea sericea

2019 09 06 Reg Drina 3R Orange fungi2019 09 06 Reg Drina 14. Water dragon2019 09 06 Reg Drina 6. Interesting fungi
Useful dead logs supporting interesting fungii and a fast disappearing Water Dragon

2019 09 06 Reg Pete P10008722019 09 06 Reg Pete P1000889

2019 09 06 Reg Drina 15. Group ready for coffee
              Everyone except Drina; but everyone ready for coffee.

2019 09 06 Reg Pete P1000897 HelenA 20190906 143256At left: Korean treats for some. One left out.

Our walkers were Wendy P & Drina (leaders), Helen A, David C, Elaine E, Annette, Sue F, Anne G, John & Ros, Mary, Aileen, Lilian, Dawn, Robyn Ma, Margaret P, Elizabeth P, Bella & Pete, Anne R, Kurt, Bill T, Don Wa, Don Wo. Many thanks to:
John G who did a magnificent job as Tail-end-charlie.

Photos (*=recce): Pete(1, 4, 5, 18, 19, 21), Drina(2, 3, 9*, 10*, 11*, 13, 15*,16,17, 20), Lilian(6, 8), Don Wo(7, 14), Anne R(12), Helen A(22).

Also for the record:
On the Program notes -
1. 'Boronia Park' was listed as a destination. The leaders obeyed this injunction on the reccee, and thus completed an 18km circuit.On the day they sensibly turned at Buffalo Creek Reserve.
2. The Grade and Track were both rated as 'Easy'. All the walkers agreed these two ratings should have been 'Medium'.
The one member of the Walks-Sub Committee who was present sincerely apologized, and over coffee peace was declared.

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