Jul-Dec 2019


The 2019 AGM was of more than usual significance, because it marked the end of an era that commenced on 8 June 2007. On that day there was a pre-walk meeting of Hill View Bushwalkers and the decision of those present was to adopt the proposed constitution and statement of objectives for Hill View Bushwalkers Inc.  Kurt S was elected as founding President at that meeting, and has served in that position for two terms totalling seven years (2007 – 2010, and 2016 – 2018). There is now no-one from that original Committee on the HVB Management Committee. As a representative of that group, I think I can speak for all of them to congratulate the new generation for stepping up, and to wish them well as they carry on - they have already shown they have the right stuff!

There was another echo from the past, which did not escape notice. On that inaugural meeting in 2007, “It was a cold, windy day with pouring rain, which helped to keep discussion to a minimum. The Agenda items were passed without dissent. The walk was then cancelled and members repaired to the closest coffee shop.” Members gathering for this AGM were acutely aware that it had been postponed for two weeks due to cold, wet and windy conditions on the original date set, and wondered if the sprinkle of rain that occurred at an unfortunate time might lead again to coffee instead of walking.

Fortunately, the light sprinkle and the threatening clouds disappeared before the President commenced proceedings with 42 members signing in, and all went well. As in that founding meeting, all Agenda items were passed with no dissent (all reports having been circulated well before the meeting), and a new committee was declared elected:

President               Clive

Vice President       Steve

Secretary              John G

Treasurer              Don B

Committee            Anne G, Mary, Lyndy, Pete, Barbara R, Anne R

(Apologies to the Committee – no-one took their photo this year.)

The Walks Subcommittee, which as Kurt had pointed out, is nominated by the Committee to undertake this part of the Club’s function on its behalf, was confirmed as:

Convenor              Deidre

Members               Helen A, Clive, Robyn Mi, Bert, Claude, Jill

After the formal part of the meeting, tributes were paid to Kurt. He has worked hard to ensure that HVB is constructed on firm foundations, and at the same time maintains the friendly and supportive social environment that had been achieved during the years before our incorporation, especially by Jean A and Anne E. HVB is indebted to his thoughtful leadership. John G and Helen A both said a few words, heartily endorsed by the gathered members, before a presentation was made.

Members then joined their respective walks - EZY, Regular and Plus walks in various parts of Ku ring gai Chase National Park. 

       2019 09 13 Reg Don waiting in the rain 1    2019 09 13 Reg Don waiting in the rain 2    2019 09 13 Reg Don waiting in the rain 3    2019 09 13 Reg Don waiting in the rain 5                                                                                                                         Waiting in the expectation of rain

     2019 09 13 Reg Don waiting 1    2019 09 13 Reg Don waiting 2    2019 09 13 Reg Don waiting 3    2019 09 13 Reg Don waiting 4                                                                                                                             Waiting in the hope of no rain

2019 09 13 Reg Don lindy  2019 09 13 Reg Don photographer at rest  2019 09 13 Reg Don photographer at work  2019 09 13 Reg Don planning a coup                                                                                                                Just waiting - or perhaps planning a coup

             2019 09 13 Reg Don sec and pres b4 election     2019 09 13 Reg Don sec and 2 ps    2019 09 13 Reg Don pres and sec                                              Secretary and current President                              Secretary, current President and President-elect                    Meeting under way   

2019 09 13 Reg Don agm in full swing 2   2019 09 13 Reg Don conducting the meeting 2  2019 09 13 Reg Don not everyone was paying attaention                                                             Meeting in full swing  ---   but not everyone was paying attention

                                                                2019 09 13 Reg Pete P1010031 1                                                                                                                                                          The handover!

 2019 09 13 Reg Don john g said a few words   2019 09 13 Reg Pete P1010038 1   2019 09 13 Reg Don kurt with presentation                                            John G said a few words...........                                               and Helen A said a few words.                                               Kurt with his presentation    

Words: Don Wo

Photos: Pete (19, 21); Don Wo(the rest)


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