Jul-Dec 2019


2019 10 18 NickS group 248 IMG 5452                                                                                          Our group at the 248 Lookout, with Mangrove Creek in the background

There was no indecision about the weather for this walk:  Friday dawned fine, warm and sunny and not a hint of rain (unlike last week). 23 walkers dutifully turned up at the meeting point and then headed towards the track-head.  A very short, sharp section of 4WD track meant a car shuffle while the more mild-mannered vehicles parked at the foot of the ‘hill’ (thanks Kurt and Pragati) and with a brief regrouping it was off on the walk.  Following the ascent of Mt Olive, it was agreed an early start warranted an early morning tea – taken with a splendid 360 deg. view of the surrounding hills and valleys.

    2019 10 18 Don Wo morning tea group P1070769    2019 10 18 Lyndy L morning tea group IMG 20191018 095134   2019 10 18 Don Wo morning tea group 2 P1070768                                                                                                                            Morning tea and a welcome break after climbing Mt Olive

The leaders opted for an anticlockwise circuit this time (having travelled clockwise for the 2013 walk), and so off we went on what was initially fire trail before turning off onto the 248 side-track.  At the end of the 248 track it opened out onto extensive rock shelves which, ultimately, gave views down to the green valley of Mangrove Creek and wider afield to distant mountains (Mount Yengo, in Yengo Nat. Park being one familiar to the leaders).  Sue F guessed the answer to John G’s quiz question: why is it called the 248 track?  A mundane but quirky surveying answer: the rock shelf is shown on the topographic map with a ‘spot height’ of 248m AHD.  The promised prize was an ice cream (it being too hot to carry a Toblerone). (Icecream being much more amenable to being carried on a hot day! - Ed.)

2019 10 18 Don Wo an early spell P1070775                                                                                                            An early WOP after morning tea  (Waiting on photographer)

                    2019 10 18 Don Wo yellow bloodwood 4 P1070784          2019 10 18 Don Wo yellow bloodwood 1 P1070773

                   2019 10 18 Don Wo yellow bloodwood 2 P1070770           2019 10 18 Don Wo yellow bloodwood 3 P1070779                                                                                                                        The forest was ablaze with yellow bloodwoods, at peak performance.


                   2019 10 18 Don Wo datum 248 P1070780          2019 10 18 Don Wo mangrove creek P1070786                                                                                 Approaching 248 Lookout                                                                                      Distant view of Mangrove Ceek, from 248 Lookout

A return to the main track and then a carefully chosen descent of the badly-eroded track and we were at Hominy Creek and shortly after, Emerald Pool – looking truly emerald in the midday sun.  Midday?  Of course – it must be lunch time!  Convenient rocks for lunch seats were a bit spread out, so walkers lunched up and down the creek bank – some inspected the Aboriginal grinding grooves and the engraving – what was it?  Maybe a fish?  One leader tried leading the walkers into having a swim in the Emerald Pool – but alas (even though she was a lass) – she was the only swimmer.

     2019 10 18 Don Wo ground cover teatree P1070787     2019 10 18 Don Wo inflow to emerald pool P1070789     2019 10 18 Don Wo stone grinding grooves P1070803                                          Ground-cover teatree                                          Rare straight creek alignment above Emerald Pool           Grinding grooves, below Emerald Pool


                     2019 10 18 NickS emerald pool IMG 5456          2019 10 18 Don Wo waving water nymph P1070800                                                                                              Emerald Pool                                                                               Lunchtime entertainment for onlookers at Emerald Pool

So then it was onwards and upwards for the return journey over track and then fire trail.  Some of the ups were seriously up in the warm afternoon sun, but all arrived safely back to the cars and then on to the coffee stop at Peats Ridge (at the old ‘Oak Milk Bar’ – for those who could remember far enough back!).

Thanks Don B as tail-end Charlie and Lyndy and Don Wo as first aiders – for which purpose – happily, they were not needed.

Walkers: Helen A, Don B, John D’C, Elaine, Sue F, Lyndy, Kas, Chris McA, Dawn, Margaret P, Elizabeth P, Pragati, Bill S, Kurt, Jenny S, Vreni, Nick S, Deidre, Lyn, Don Wo.  Visitor Ron S.

Leaders Ros and John.  A total of 23

 Photos: Nick S (1,15); Lyndy (3); Don Wo (2,4-14,16)

S5 Box