From Engadine Station at 09.15, 6 walkers (Clive, Martin, Polly, Hazel, Libby and myself) headed to Forbes Creek via a myriad of trails and Avenues, Parks, School ovals…
We were warned by Clive that this new walk would be challenging as far as tracking is concerned and this was the case. 
Thanks for Clive’s ability to navigate the Magellan GPS around 30 times, we were “recabrilated” numerous times and were spot on.
We crossed steep escarpments down to the Woronora estuary, a river, Georges River and finally a very steep ascent (30 degree elevation) to Jannali Station & coffee shop.

Clive was convinced that we could join his Himalayan treck as “Sherpas back-up” which is encouraging for the HVB org.

For the interest of bird- watchers (Lindy & Steven), we encountered a large Channel- billed Cuckoo (pronounced in French: Chernobyl.

Weather temperature was cool to start with and a maximum of 24C.

2019 10 18 Plus Hazel P13608462019 10 18 Plus Hazel P1360859
                                                           Infrastructure on the way: The Woronora Pipe Line and the Woronora River Bridge.

2019 10 18 Plus Hazel P13608182019 10 18 Plus Hazel P1360874
                                           The pupils of Woronora Public School found one use for a tree. Another local (not the rare Cuckoo) may be a little puzzled.

2019 10 18 Plus Hazel P13608152019 10 18 Plus Hazel P1360868
                                                                  A very varied group of houses on the river. HVB walkers a more cohesive group - cheerful and fit.

For the record: Clive led Hazel, Libby, Polly, Claude and Martin.
Words: Claude
Thanks to Hazel for the photos.