Jul-Dec 2019

2019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT PalmBeach 094845                                                                                          Sweeping views across Palm Beach and Pittwater from The Bible Garden

This was a substitute walk for today’s plus Salvation and Wallaroo Tracks walk. Chief scout, Elaine E was waiting for the arrival of walkers just before the toll booth to the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase NP with the news all tracks in the park were closed due to a total fire ban. The ten of us were eager to walk and after some discussion the general consensus was we drive to Palm Beach and walk to Avalon.

MORNING TEA was at The Bible Garden a delightful find in Mitchell Road Palm Beach.
2019 11 08 PlusWalk Deidre Sign DSCN8384 2019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT groupatTheBibleGarden 094745                                                                                                                                         Walkers take in the view from the Garden
2019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT BibleGarden 0949472019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT BibleGarden 094934
                                                                                               The Bible Garden "Not for ourselves alone but created for all the world"
Some of the Palm Beach and Whale Beach HOMES we passed
2019 11 08 PlusWalk Hazel UnusualPalmBeachhouse IMG 92462019 11 08 PlusWalk BarbaraR PalmBeachcottages P1060901
                                                                  Palm Beach Cottages                                                                               Unusual Palm Beach House
2019 11 08 PlusWalk BarbaraR KangarooPawsandPalmBeachCottage P10609092019 11 08 PlusWalk BarbaraR RenovatedhouseWhaleBeach P1060910
                        Renovated House Whale Beach                                                                        Palm Beach Cottage and Kangaroo Paws
2019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT KangarooPaw 1021432019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT RedKangarooPaw 102230
                                                        Stunning display of Kangaroo Paws Anigozanthos at the cottage above right
BANGALLEY HEADLAND....walkers, lunch and flowers on the headland
2019 11 08 PlusWalk Hazel WalkersatBangalleyHead IMG 92602019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT Whataretheylookingat 113224
                                                      What are they looking at?                                                                                                Sheltering from the hot sun                                      2019 11 08 PlusWalk Deidre FlannelFlowersDSCN83932019 11 08 PlusWalk Deidre Lunch DSCN8396                                                       Lunch in a shady spot                                                                                                 Flannel Flower Actinotus helianthi                                        2019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT redflower 114001  2019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT pinkflower 1143362       2019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT HeadingdownBangallyHead 114848                     Narrow-leaved Bottlebrush Callistemon linearis                                 Pink Spider Flower Grevillea sericea             Our descent from Bangalley Headland 

COFFEE .......Avalon Beach SLSC    
2019 11 08 PlusWalk PeterT AvalonBeach 133432                                                                Spectacular view of Avalon Beach from the cafe on the first floor of the Avalon Beach SLSC

Clive and Steve led eight walkers: Wendy C, Elaine E, Libby, Hazel, Barbara R, Vreni, Deidre and Peter T.  First Aider:  Barbara R  Tail End Charlie:  Deidre

Words by Deidre

Photos by Peter T (1, 3-5, 10-12, 16-19), Deidre (2, 14, 15), Barbara R (6, 8, 9), Hazel (7, 13)


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