Jul-Dec 2019

2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9527Clive was in Nepal, so Vice-President Steve read Clive's Presidential report.

The report covered a successful six months, the events in which have been mentioned in previous reports.
Steve announced that Deidre is retiring as Convenor of the Sub-Walks Committee.

Speaking to a motion to thank Deidre, Bert spoke of some of her service to HVB.
Over the years, Deidre has served in the following 'official' positions:
2007-Member, working committee to draw up the rules to form HVB Inc.
2007-2009: Secretary of HVB Inc.
2007-2018: Convenor of the Walks Committee, HVB Inc.
2019: Convenor of the Walks-Sub Committee, HVB Inc.
2016-: Website, Walks Report editor
'Unofficially' Deidre has actively participated in organizing weekends away, Breakfast BBQs, leading walks and stepping up when unexpected gaps needed filling.
The presentation of an engraved wine-glass was loudly applauded.

Deidre's response was brief:

'Thank you everyone. Like most of you, I can say that HVB has given me much more than I have given HVB.'

When determined people are committed to socializing, and are in no way prepared to pause in their mission, photograhers cannot always secure individual portraits.
We present here a selection of such people, many socializing in many circles:

2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 94942019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9495
2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 94962019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9498
                           Clockwise from top left: Jenny and Peter, Wendy C, Elizabeth P and  Bert;               Sue S, Helen A, Barbara R and Deidre;
                           Hazel, Wendy C, Deidre and Barbara R;                                                                      Mary, Kas, Elaine E, Wendy C and Deidre.

2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 95102019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9508
                                         Dawn and Lyn;                                                                        John M and Don B.

2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 95042019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9512
                           Jan and Steve;                                                                                         Jill and Rhondda.

2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 95162019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9514
                           Kurt, Bert and Linda;                                                                            Susan, Ros G, Lydia and Tim.

2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 95192019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9529
   BBQers: John M, Wendy P, Jenny S, Claude, Wendy C, Barbara C. Waiting for speeches: Andy and Sue (front), Susan, Rex standing, Helens L&A on the left.

2019 11 15 BBQ PeterT 20191115 122954
On queue: Steve speaks

2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 95642019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9518
                                         Margaret and Claude;                                                             Christine and Doug.

2019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 95342019 11 15 BBQ Hazel IMG 9558
                            Five ready to break out: Lyndy, Hazel, Margaret P, Lilian, Wendy P.     And congratulations, 'Job done': From Bert to photographer Hazel.

2019 11 15 BBQ SueS 20191115 123511 resized 2Some thought Tim's message simply wasn't true.
And more than some couldn't remember far enough back.

We know that present on the day were:
Helen A, Nick B, Margaret B, John B, Don B, Sue B, Wendy C, Barbara C, Maurice and Susan, Jenny and Peter, Rhondda, Tim and Lydia, Elaine E, Annette, Michael and Sue, Ros F, John and Ros, Mary, Rosie, Andy and Sue, Lilian, Helen L, Cherry, Lyndy, Diana L, Kas, Dot, Christine and Doug, Dawn, Robyn Ma, Rex and Robyn, Bert, Jan and Steve, Claude and Margaret, Elizabeth P, Wendy P, Barbara R, Anne R, Kurt and Linda, Jenny S, Deidre, Kevin and Rosemary, Sue S, Lyn, Jill, Don Wo.

Coffee was enjoyed at The Bobbin Head Inn.

Ray and Norma sent their apologies.

Photos: Hazel (1-13, 15-18), <----P-e-t-e-r- T----->(14), Sue S(19).

S5 Box