Thirty-seven keen walkers gathered, happy to be on the track with friends once more. We divided into two groups and set off from Day Rd, Cheltenham. Our first hurdle was                               a creek crossing and once successfully negotiated by Group 1, they stayed well ahead and were not seen again all day by Group 2.                                                                                          Covid restrictions were thus well observed!

We then continued uphill and with the “hardest” parts of the walk completed we walked on to Pennant Hills Park for morning tea with Group 1 eating at the archery centre,                           where an archer had just completed his practice and Group 2 spread out, watching some boys practising goal-kicking at the soccer field. With a police car parked there, all                      walkers were very mindful of their spacing

                        2020 07 17 RegularWalk Deidre the start of the walk with leader Ros advising details of the walk 094502 2
                        Ros briefing the gang 

             2020 07 17 Regular Walk Lillian IMG 1869                             2020 07 17 Regular Walk Don W 2 crossing Byles Creek           

              Crossing Byles Creek

           2020 07 17 RegularWalk Deidre sometricky rockhopping 095620 2                        2020 07 17 Regular Walk Lillian IMG 1872

The walk continued through the bush with a brief stop at “City Views Rocks”, only to find that the view of the city is currently somewhat impeded by the growth of trees.                                   We proceeded downhill and with three crossings of the river (2 dry) and a brief glimpse of whale rock we arrived back at Day Rd where Group 1 had their lunch before some                       walkers departed to Beecroft hoping to find coffee in the lunchtime hour. Group 2 ate their lunch sitting on dry rocks not far from the end and were later entertained by noisy                      feeding by cockatoo/corella (?) parents feeding their young in a high nest hole.

2020 07 17 Regular Walk Lillian IMG 1909                          2020 07 17 Regular Walk Peter R P1030448

2020 07 17 Regular Walk Peter R P1030441            2020 07 17 Regular Walk Don 3 We even saw some orange fungus

2020 07 17 Regular Walk Peter R P1030445              2020 07 17 Regular Walk Peter R P1030461

2020 07 17 Regular Walk Don 9 deciding when and where for lunch                      2020 07 17 RegularWalk Deidre DevlinCreekreflections 115128 2

2020 07 17 Regular Walk Don W 15 Whale Rock
  Whale Rock

             2020 07 17 ReguarWalk Deidre lunchbackatthebeginningofthewalkatDayRoad 121837 3
               Lunch back at the beginning of the walk

A happy and successful day ably supported by our tail-enders (Nick and Deidre) and two first-aid volunteers.

Walk Leaders: Lyn and Ros

Walkers: Nick, Chris B, Sue B, David C, Rhonda, Elaine, Robyn F, Anne G, Ros, Mary, Sue K, Lilian, Dawn, John M, Steve, Jan, Claude, Margaret, John P, Pat, Bella,                                      Pete, David R, Deidre, Kevin, Rosemary, Lyn, Bill T, Don Wa, Don Wo.

Visitors: Judy, Vivienne, Pauline, Darrel

Report Text: Lyn 

Photography: Deidre_1,4,13,15  Don_2,9,10,12,14  Lillian_3,5,6  Pete_7,8,11