Jul-Dec 2020

Our group of 11 walkers set out on the track towards Gentleman's Halt on a perfect sunny morning. The views over the Hawkesbury River were spectacular & there were lots of flowers along the track. We made good time along the fire trail & after morning tea it was agreed to do the extension to Gentleman's Halt. I think everyone agreed that doing the extra distance was worth the effort involved, because the views at the end of the track & at our lunch spot were wonderful. It was quite hot on the return journey so we had more stops for rests & wished we had taken more water!
Those who joined us at the Glenorie Bakery for coffee after the walk enjoyed their drink of choice at this quirky place whilst relaxing and listening to some great songs!

 2020 10 02 Plus Barbara R P1000472 1                                                                        Ready to set off from morning tea 

                                       2020 10 02 Plus Barbara R P1000474   2020 10 02 Plus BarbaraR P1000469                                                                                                                 About to take on the pipeline track challenge                                       First view of the Hawkesbury River

                          2020 10 02 Plus BarbaraR P1000475  2020 10 02 Plus BarbaraR P1000476   2020 10 02 Plus Hazel P1160341                                                                                              Gymea lily                                  The pipeline track - harder than it looks!                    Match Heads, Comesperma ericinum         

                                  2020 10 02 Plus BarbaraR P1000487  2020 10 02 Plus Hazel P1160396                                                                                          Flannel flowers & view south to Bar Point        Flannel Flower, Actinotus helianthi  

2020 10 02 Plus BarbaraR P1000499                              View west & north to Hawkesbury River, Spencer & Mangrove Creek from the mountain side lookout

                                        2020 10 02 Plus Hazel P1160378   2020 10 02 Plus Hazel P1160470                                                                                                                                                      Bug                                                    Sundew, Drosera spathulata

2020 10 02 Plus Hazel P1160392                                                               Group photo taken at the viewpoint over the Hawkesbury River

 Thanks to Wendy C, Claude & Steve who took turns being tail-end Charlies.
The walkers with Clive & Celia were Bronwyn, Wendy C, Polly, Hazel, Steve, Claude, Barbara R, Guenter & Nick S.

Words: Celia

Photos Barbara R (1,2,3,4,5,7,9), Hazel (6,8,10,11,12)


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