Jul-Dec 2020

With overcast skies 9 walkers arrived at the end of Grosvenor Rd to start our walk today. Luckily Claude had done the recce with us & was able to stand in for John & also Clive who is unwell. Hope you get well soon Clive-we missed you today!
The fire-trail soon becomes a bush track & descends quite quickly to the Gibberagong Waterholes, where it crosses Cockle Creek on steps cut into rocks. We then continued to a junction with a sign indicating the way uphill to the Marrua fire trail. At the top we turned left & followed this fire-trail to the end of the ridge where we stopped for a well-earned morning tea. The trip downhill to the rainforest near Bobbin Head was a bit challenging but we managed it with only one small detour off track! The right track was soon located & we were able to make it to Bobbin Head & a coffee break at the Marina. It was here whilst waiting undercover for our coffee that the rain began but we were in luck because once we started our journey back along the Gibberagong track the rain had stopped. Some of the group wanted to go to the rainforest so the rest of us sat on the logs to eat lunch with a very tame brush turkey, who was looking for food for company. It was then our turn to wait while the rest of the group had lunch.
After lunch it was a pleasant journey walking beside Cockle Creek through the shaded gully with lots of grass trees & rocky hillsides beside the track. At the end of the valley we arrived at the turn off to the Marrua trail & crossed the creek again before beginning the climb back to Grosvenor Rd. With his long legs Claude broke away from the rest of the group on the climb out & we thought we had lost him when he took a wrong turn on the hill. However, Claude was easily able to backtrack & catch up with us before the last of the group reached the top!
After the walk finished a small group continued to North Turramurra Bakery for coffee & enjoyed a chat & some relaxation.
Thank you, Claude, for your help today, Lyndy for being our first aider & Peter for once again being tail end Charlie.

2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 135157

2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 1357002020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 1214032020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 093709

2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 100534

2020 10 16 PLus Hazel P19109122020 10 16 PLus Hazel P1910987
              Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo                                                                 Golden Whistler (male) - Rainforest Track

2020 10 16 PLus Hazel P1920047
                                                                                         Water View From The Gibberagong Track

2020 10 16 PLus Hazel P19200172020 10 16 PLus Hazel P1910937
                     Eastern Water Dragon - Gibberagong Track                                                                             Crab in the mangroves  

2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 102956 

2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 093736 2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 093750 2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 095233   

2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 111444

2020 10 16 PLus Hazel P19109762020 10 16 PLus Hazel P1920035             
                                    Colourful Caterpillar - Rainforest Track                                                        Sawfly Larvae - Gibberagong Track   

2020 10 16 PLus Peter T 20201016 1407352020 10 16 PLus Barbara C 20201016 091103



The walkers with Celia & Claude were:    Barbara C, Polly, Mary G, Lyndy, Hazel, Bert, Steve P, Nick S & Peter T

words by:      Celia

Photos By:   Barbara C (19), Hazel (6,7,8,9,10,16,17), Peter T (1,2.3,4,5,11,12,13,14,15,18)







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