The Ezy group left from Bray's Reserve in Rhodes and walked down the fascinating Kokoda Memorial Trail - nearly a kilometre of remembering the brave soldiers who
delayed the onslaught of the WW2 Japanese war machine and inflicted on them their first defeat. 

2020 10 23 EZY Peter R P1050140  2020 10 23 EZY Drina1

2020 10 23 EZY Peter R P1050057 2020 10 23 EZY Peter R P1050123

Then along the beautiful foreshore walk around the Concord Hospital peninsular to the stately Rivendell Hospital (formerly the Thomas Walker Hospital), continuing
around the foreshore of Yaralla Bay. Walkers took their time to enjoy the beautiful parklands created by the foresight of the early settlers who planted trees for the future.

2020 10 23 EZY Peter R P1050060   2020 10 23 EZY Peter R P1050062

Morning tea was at the tip of the Yaralla House peninsular after which we walked past what must have been the amazing Grotto and up to Yaralla House, where we
imagined the social life that Eadith Walker ( wealthy spinster daughter of Thomas Walker) led with her 25 servants (including a Butler, nine maids, cooks, laundresses,
chauffeurs,gardeners,poultry and dairymen,a housekeeper and an engineer (who kept up the supply of power and water).

 2020 10 23 EZY Peter R P1050136   2020 10 23 EZY Lyndy2

     2020 10 23 EZY Peter R P1050089

The return loop was through the grounds of Yaralla, including the beautifully scented rose garden, stables and the magnificent driveway to the outside world.

 A kilometre or so of pleasant road walking brought the group back to lunch at the sheds near the Kokoda Cafe.

  2020 10 23 EZY Drina7. Smelling the roses 2020 10 23 EZY Lyndy1

  2020 10 23 EZY Drina8. Checking out the stables designed by John Sulman

A thoroughly enjoyable walk around one of Sydney's hidden gems.

Walkers: Drina, Dennis, Sue B, Lyndy (First Aider) 

Led by: Pete and Bella

Photos : Drina 2,10,12  Lyndy 7,11  Pete 1,3,4,5,6,8,9

Special thanks to Sue B , Michael and Sue F for research and recce support.