Jul-Dec 2020


It was a case of the best-laid plans which today did go awry.  This time we couldn’t blame Covid.  It was a combination of high tide and recent heavy rain.  We four leaders were forewarned by our recce on the previous Wednesday when the officially named ‘Stepping Stones’ over Middle Harbour Creek were steps for giants.  But, we reasoned, we’d had little rain since then so we were hopeful.  Hopes were dashed and we ambled downstream to morning tea at Rocky Creek.  Not to be beaten, an hour later we returned to the fateful crossing but even our combined wishing couldn’t make the necessary rocks emerge.  A barefoot Claude was keen to give it a try but discretion won out over valour.  Gracefully accepting defeat, we retraced our steps up the Bungaroo Track and out of the valley. 

2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA briefing 20201030 083336 2  2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA begin the descent 20201030 091827 2  2020 10 30 Reg Don Wowhich way were they going                                 The briefing                                                                                                            Beginning the descent                           Which way were they going?


2020 10 30 Reg Don Wo group tail end  2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA middle harbour creek 20201030 092646 2  2020 10 30 Reg Don Wohappy group                                    Welcome flat section of track                                               Middle Harbour Creek                                   A happy group before we reachced the Stepping Stones


                    2020 10 30 Reg Pauline claude IMG 6320                         2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA claude marg 20201030 092829 2                                                              Claude pointing the wrong way......                                   ..... then posing with Margaret for a wedding anniversary pic.


        2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA lunchtime group 20201030 095614 2     2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA mensocial distance 20201030 101238 2                                                            One of the morning tea groups                                                                                  The men trying to social distance


                    2020 10 30 Reg Don Woladies that do morning tea              2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA marg claude 20201030 101507                                                                                               Ladies doing morning tea                                                                                       Claude and Margaret celebrating


                    2020 10 30 Reg Don Wolace monitor cropped   2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA lunch group 20201030 114145 2                                                                        We saw another lace monitor                                           Lunch spot looking out over the valley

    2020 10 30 Reg Chris McA coffee 20201030 124846 2                                                                                                               Most of us were still chirpy enough for coffee afterwards 

 At a mere 6 or 7 km, it may have been the shortest ever Regular walk but it was one of those happy, relaxed walks that leaves everyone smiling. 

Thank you Co-Leader Elaine, Support Leaders Wendy P and Chris McA, First Aider Ros, Tail Ender John G and to all the Happy Souls who made the day.

Those Happy Souls were Tim, Annette Ell, Bill McD, Lydia, John M, Claude and Margaret, Elizabeth P, Pragati, Pauline, Don Wo, Daryl

Words: Mary

Photos:  Pauline (7), Chris McA (1,2,5,8,9,10,12,14,15), Don Wo (3,4,6,11,13)

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